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Kirk Vartanian’s arraignment photo — Blingee’d

Fresno businessman/Granite Park dreamer Kirk Vartanian was officially arraigned today on assault charges. The Bee’s Craig Kohlruss snapped this picture of Vartanian, who looked none too happy to be there:


No offense to Craig, but I thought the photo could be livened up a bit, so I went over to and came up with this:


(Inspiration points goes to Floyd from Antilabs for seeing the picture first and making this).

If you’d like to make your own Vartanian Blingee, leave the link in the comments and I’ll add them to this post.

Responses to "Kirk Vartanian’s arraignment photo — Blingee’d"

Layne says:

Well, there goes my afternoon.

Alana says:

The Armenian mob is gon’ getchou’.

mdub420 says:

haha, i love it. how come dj jimmy hernandez hasn’t bailed him out yet with the money kirk paid him for the edge?

the county jumpsuit top looks so much better than the ed hardy shirt he likes to wear.

kirk – the syrian wife beatin barbarian, LOL!!

Don Fischer says:

Is that a red Armani Jail leisure suit or just a knockoff?

Awesome. Looks much better.


Вы не �лишком рады по�мотреть

Katchkar says:

Please all of you, Kirk aka (Krikor) is an embarassment to our Armenian Community. He has more Russian influence and is married to a Russian.
His wife Natasha is no saint, she married a man 40+ years older than her when she was 19 years old, and inheirited some money from him via HIS dead first wife.
It is sick these people fight over a $100,000 watch — no doubt Kirk needed it to pay off some debt. And now Las Vegas is after him because of bounced checks?
Kirk is the enemy of our community, at a time when charities need money so much and people are heavily unemployed and foreclosures at a all time high….this slim bucket starts talking about serving $40,000 bottles of champagne at his crappy nightclub in a bad area of Fresno?
Throw him in Jail, throw away the key and let the other prisoners teach him about survival. While we are at it his wife Natasha should be fired from her job as a sales representative for Sanofi-Aventis.

mikeV says:

Here’s an Idea

Milt and kirk team up to re-open the public house as a seafood destination with a aquarium theme. Name it “THE TURTLE & MR LIMPET’S FISH CO! And since they won’t be able to get a liqour licence,Make it a B.Y.O.B. And because milt does not like to pay his employees, Maybe they could get some FREE low-risk day release help courtesy of Margaret Mimms! Kirk could interview future staff with some of his “new found” free time. “Hey” It would beat picking up trash on the side of 41, It’s WIN-WIN.

parkbench says:

What a Fresno Famous wannabe. He didn’t even pop the collar on that faaabulous orange jumpsuit.

MsJoey says:


anonymous says:

Please why such mad comments?? Kirk aka Krikor is from Syria and does not have any Russian influence…he just a fraud!!! And you said she has a job??? wow… at least she has a job not like your hye kirkie… and nobody cares who she was married to… because it does not matter..she probably was tired to pay his bills..LOL

Anonymous says:

Not to get off subject since this guy is truly a loser BUT I want to know when the area where the nightclub became considered the “bad area” of Fresno? Please tell me what makes it so “bad”??


Duh, the twitter page is down for The Edge, The Red (Russian Steakhouse never will open) and The Edge will be closed shortly and YOU ASK what makes this a bad area of town?
Do a social and economic analysis of Fresno, south of shaw crimes, and social /economics are lowered.
No one in their right mind puts money or business into these areas.
Look where the growth is?

KatchKar says:

You are laugh out loud funny………”no Russian influence?
I guess the Russian-Armenian and Ukrainian gentleman that came to Fresno for their money they lent Kirk for RED (Russian Steakhouse) is not associated with “Russian”
or the fact there is some entries on this page in “Russian” or that his wife is a Russian from the Ukraine, etc., etc.,

The fact is Kirk is a wanna be Russian Armenian mobster, he is light weight compared to these others. Syrian Armenian but he associates with Russians who will get the best of him.

How low to fight over a $100,000+ watch. I say the Russian wife will get the best of KV, or he will end up at the bottom of a lake somewhere.

Buck_All_Haters says:

Buck all of you haters. Kirk is a righteous dude. anyone that talks sh** about him especially you Armenians, are a bigger piece of crap than Jerry Dyer. AND anyone else talking bad about any armenian ever shouldn’t because you are jeoulous or racist. im not myself and i respect all cultures. but if anyone wants a problem with me then i will with them. but the main point of this message is to FREE KIRK now.