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The Beehive helps you find a job

Don’t say we never did anything for you, loyal readers. Today, we’re helping those of you who are either unemployed or looking for a second job. We’ve found a few cool jobs in Fresno that might be worth getting your resumé ready.

1. Do you have experience making tacos? Want to work at one of the wildest places in town? Chris Meat Market is looking for help.


2. Spotted on Craigslist. To many people, this might be the best job in the world. (Thanks to Michelle for bringing it to our attention).


3. Also spotted on Craiglist. Who knew there was a market for celebrity lookalikes in Fresno? I say go for this one — they can’t be that particular, look at Marilyn and Batgirl.


Good luck, and let us know if you need Donald to write you a recommendation letter or if want to use me as a reference. Heather is also available to tell you how much you suck, in order to ease the rejection of not getting the Golddiggers gig.

Responses to "The Beehive helps you find a job"

floydy says:

is that hacksaw jim duggan?

teresa says:

Thanks for the tips. I think I’m going to give Batgirl a run for her money.

Chris H. says:

Dang.. I thought everyone recognized the almighty Chuck Norris… :D

Heather says:

Dibs on Urkel.

Mike Oz says:

You’re silly.

ed says:

my first thought, “hacksaw jim duggan.”

then, i realize, “nah, that’s chuck norris. a swollen chuck norris.”

kalioner says:

dibs ON DJ

Heather says:

Am I? I think I look more like Urkel than that guy. Could be because I’m wearing suspenders and the waist of my pants is sitting just below my boobs, though.

Mike Oz says:

I thought you were joking at the non-Kanye (or Nonye) by calling him Urkel.

staci louise says:


those are the worst lookalikes ever!!! but nice chuck norris in the background!

Alana says:

Oh, Urkel. I thought he was Kanye.

staci louise says:

Also, how hard is it to play “Cherry Pie” and say “BLAHBLAHBLAHBLAHHERECOMESDAKOOOTTTAAAA”

brodiemash says:

Dood! I totally thought that was Urkel, too! LULZ!

Heather says:

Ha. It’s not supposed to be Urkel?

Crap. Now I’m going to get AN ALL CAPS ANGRY RESPONSE FROM KANYE!!!111!!!

MsJoey says:

Man, I’d make a waaaaay better Marilyn and my skin is about 10 shades darker! Someone help that girl with her wig!!

Stephen says:

Um. that’s Urkel.

Kanye will be pissed that people thought it was supposed to be him. Look at the pantlegs

No comments on the Captain Jack Sparrow? I think he looks pretty good!

Andres says:

The DJ show at Golddiggers would be so easy…I’ll just play “Gimme More” on a continuous loop.