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To-Do Tonight: Remember the Time

There’s a Michael Jackson tribute night scheduled at Aldo’s, compete with MJ dance contest and a request to dress like the King of Pop.

Now here’s the question: How long before MJ tributes are played out? I was kinda thinking if you didn’t do it last weekend, then there’s no reason. I have a feeling, though, we’re going to be seeing these for a few weeks to come.


On a related note, the Opinion Talk says: “Public viewing of Michael Jackson’s body? This is too much.”

Enjoy a night of local hip-hop at Starline, get your indie fix at Audie’s or find hidden treasure at Thaiphoon.




Responses to "To-Do Tonight: Remember the Time"

Jeffresno says:

Here’s the playlist from my MJ covers tribute on my Evening Eclectic set this week on 90.7 KFSR.

Michael Jackson / Come Together [The Beatles cover]
Alien Ant Farm / Smooth Criminal [Michael Jackson cover]
Me First And The Gimme Gimmes / I’ll Be There [Michael Jackson cover]
Neil Finn / Billie Jean [Michael Jackson cover]
Ian Brown / Thriller [Michael Jackson cover]
Derrick Laro and Trinity / Don’t Stop Till You Get Enough [Michael Jackson cover]
Michael Jackson / Butterflies [Floetry cover]

mdub420 says:

now way i last 2 seconds with these cen city divas…..

blake says:

Man, you’d have to have your tribute ready like 4 days after a guy dies?
You might be over-estimating the speed someone can book a club….or worse yet, have a band learn any live music.
I get it if you already had a steady gig and sort of turned the emphasis towards the dearly-departed as an homage…but seriously…you’d have to be a rabid fan…or worse, an ambulance chaser—hmmm, let’s see who’s in the ICU..better start learning some [nearly dead guy]tunes.
—and really, with tributes and’s always a fine and sometimes difficult to maneuver moral line between paying tribute to a hero and exploiting someone’s death.

I saw just a touch of ET the night he died or day after (don’t tell anyone).
This ‘close friend’ that was…maybe with him when he died. GEEEZ. He did everything but give out a website for the book you know he was about to write. yech.

Mike Oz says:

I guess I should clarify that I’m more meaning these DJ tributes. The people above, for instance, have the club every Tuesday, so of course they can easily make that a MJ tribute night.

What you’re talking about with bands learning tunes and whatnot is a much bigger undertaking and certainly gets more of a pass.

Marc M. says:

…and here’s my (small) contribution to the MJ tribute flood:

Mike Oz says:

That’s super dope. Thanks for sharing.