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Transformers 2.5: Critics vs. Moviegoers

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Autobots vs. Decepticons isn’t the only battle surrounding “Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen.” The movie, currently No. 1, in the country after making more than $200 million since its opening, has hatched a war between critics and moviegoers.

There’s a nice story in today’s paper that talks about it in detail, but basically: The movie has nearly been panned universally by critics, while ticket-buyers are loving it. It could be the worst reviewed movie to ever crack the $400-million mark.

The new “Transformers” only has a 20% rating on Rotten Tomatoes, just 3% better than “Year One” and 7% worse than “Dance Flick.” Our own Rick Bentley gave “Revenge of the Fallen” a D+ in his review. But you only need to look to the comments of his review to see the divide: The fanboys are telling him to quit his job and calling him “pretty much the dumbest person on the planet.”

Wonder what they’d say to this review from “This celluloid abortion should be buried in a vault and shown to film students as an example of big Hollywood at its worst.”

The question seems to be: Are movie critics out of touch with what moviegoers like? Or do people just like bad movies?

Here’s Rick’s one-minute video review, if you haven’t seen it yet:

Responses to "Transformers 2.5: Critics vs. Moviegoers"

El Chupacabra says:

I think people just like bad movies and because of that bad movies keep getting made. And then they get all hurt when people point out that a movie they like isn’t good. Dun dun dun..

mdub420 says:

for big summer movies like transformers, i usually check my brain at the door so i can just enjoy the ride. i’m not going to overanalyze and critique the movie. i just want to enjoy my time at the movies. that’s it.

of course i read all the negative reviews and understand where they are coming from. i’m not going to hail transformers as the greatest movie ever made because it isn’t. but it entertained me for 2 and a half hours and that’s all i wanted.

I think movie critics are mostly looking for a movie with depth and great stories (just to name a few things). While moviegoers tend to like those qualities too, it is also common for them to look for simple entertainment. Even if it doesn’t yield out a whole lot of depth. Big action movies have time and time again been a hit with moviegoers no matter what.

Also I’d be interested to know if there is a group of 14 year old movie critics (maybe online). I bet their rating of the movie would be much higher. If they don’t exist, then maybe I will start one. A place for teens to look at and rate a movie from a different age bracket and point of view.

That said I have yet to see this movie.

wet towel says:

ohhhh, that’s a toughie…

I think a lot of people like bad movies,
-because they wouldn’t know a good one if it hit them…
(the taste of the general public in the arts over all just seems to sink lower and lower…
I’m expectng the ultimate abomination where every voice in a dramatic film is run through a vocoder with matrix-era view shifts, and ‘New Country’ soundtrack to make it complete.)

Yet… Wolverine basically sucked,
–so folks didn’t go to see it, (so there’s a sign of life in audience barometer… (we, the 12:00am Thursday night crowd at IMAX still don’t like to admit we were there.)

‘UP’ as much as I loved it,
–really was not as strong as other pixar, (and was carried beautifully by the 3D…
-so it was ‘worth it,’ -but not because of the strength of the story…

And ‘Pelham 123,’ (which the orig. was amazing,) was good in some ways,
–but really predictable and the editing was just freakin’ annoying
(the stop-action stuff, ALOT of the soundtrack…) -yet this thing got billed as a ‘non-stop-action thrillride…’
-compared tooooo….. uhm… well…?

I don’t think anyone knows how to edit and build suspense and tell a story with film anymore… everybody’s too busy trying to appease the ADD-ADHD crowd.

I don’t know if I even want to see Transformers… (I might just because I’m a ‘car-truck’ guy,)
-and to see what the hubbub is about over the two characters that are allegedly more offensive to african american image than Jar-Jar-Freakin’ Binks… (who, gladly I can admit to NEVER having seen in his monstrosity.)

Jennifer says:

how funny is the guy wearing the Tapout shirt telling Rick to “Go watch reruns of Mash”, what a tool

Will says:

Dumb people like bad movies.
These are the same idiots that flock out to see Paul Blart, horrible parody movies like “Epic Movie” and Fast and Furious.

If a theatre filled with people watching this junk burned to the ground, the world’s IQ average would slightly go up.

Claire says:

Oh Towel, how you hurt me. Blasphemy towards ‘UP’.

I’m going to take this to conspiracy theory levels for a moment, so bear with me.

I think the bubble in the answer mentality that is being taught in our schools is carrying over into all aspects of life. We can’t expect people to listen to dialogue, look for the clues, or even care about the characters anymore. They need a short paragraph of basic happenings, a big flashy computer enhanced thingy-ma-jibbit, and a nice tie up at the end. Anything more leaves them horribly confused, and worse, feeling stupid.

brodiemash says:

What it comes down to is that every film has an audience, be it an action film, an art film or a chick flick. For every “Twilight” we get a “Let The Right One In” to counter balance but it’s up to us to not rely strictly on on the mainstream media to give us our only insight to what’s good. We have to be willing to exude effort and search for the gold that’s out there. As for Transformers 2, it was pretty weak and Bentley’s review is pretty much on point.

Mr. Incognito says:

All I have to say is HOME ALONE…

I’ll let everyone research that D+ movie! Thanks Rick…(just kidding of course, maybe…no I’m joking with Rick, maybe)!

wet towel says:

—not saying ‘Up’ wasn’t good, I just think Mike and Sully from ‘Monster’s Inc.’ could take out the Okie and the cub-scout…

-agreed totally on the issue about ‘thingamajibbits’ and actual thinkng and dialogue… though…

Though I like all the characters?,
and recommend both…?
I cried way harder when Mr. GrouchyPants’s wife died… (oh boy did I cry,) than when Sully had to say goodbye to ‘Boo.’ (though it was a real close second.)

-trailer short flicks had me baffled though… yeesh, what WAS that…

jacko says:

The movie wasnt that bad. It probably deserveda C+ or B-. Not the best movie ever made but entertaining none the least. I think Rick bently is right if you are looking for a good hearty story and stuff of that nature, but if you go in just taking the movie for what it is (an action movie made to entertain) then it is a decent movie.

Solitaire says:

I think people either go to a movie to see something artistic or to allow their mind to dull and somewhere between all of that there’s entertainment. I’m admittedly a guilty pleasure loving Twihard but at the same time I vomit just a little at those raunchy humored Dane Cook/Will Ferrell movies that just plain suck. Of course it’s all based on an individual’s opinion. A critic is there to tell it like they see it, not how they think their audience wants them to see it.

Bravo Rick for writing your opinion!

jasonbateman says:

Lots of holes in the movie, and they changed the story a lot also. Like how the last movie occurred in LA instead of Mission city. I think stuff like that makes it really stupid. The story had a lot of holes, but still i rather enjoyed it. The

Erin says:

Ok so I was bored by this movie, but my husband, a transformers fan since he was a kid, loved it. I think you’ll find true fans will be entertained, as will people who aren’t looking for intellectual stimulation from what’s admittedly a summer blockbuster. Not a lot should be expected from this type of movie. Also, I’d been hearing that the plot made no sense, so that’s what I expected going into it, but color me crazy — it made sense to me.

jacko says:

The story made sense, but did not connect to the old one. Well here is a list compiled by yahoo on 10 questions transfomer 2 did not answer.