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Real or fake? Chinatown prostitute ad

While grabbing some grub at Chris Meat Market the other day, I saw this ad outside (in plain sight) — hoping, apparently, that people want to grab on some other stuff.

As far as I can tell, this is an ad for a prostitute who charges $25 per hour (but will also work for hamburgers). Should you be interested, you’d also need to pay for a hotel. Maybe it’s just me, but the hamburger part makes it seem a little suspect. What do you think? And more importantly, who’s going to call and report back?


And if, after all that, you’re asking, “Wait, I thought it was April Meat Market,” then consider yourself officially on notice that the name is once again Chris Meat Market. Here’s a photo to prove it.


Responses to "Real or fake? Chinatown prostitute ad"

Bino Escobar says:

She sounds like a saint with a name like Maria de Jesus. I thought the only meat being sold was asada and carnitas, I guess I was wrong. I wonder what you get for the hamburger? I wonder what you get for a double? Mike, I think you should interview her and find out why she’s doing this. Is the economy really this bad?

Chris says:

This really needs to be moved to postnobills.

james says:

Dang, if only I had her number…

Chris H. says:

I guess the only way to find out would be to call the number…

I’d do it, but am not currently in the market for gonnasyphaherpalaids…

Anybody tried?

Alana says:

Seems like someone got pissed off at a friend and posted her phone number up for kicks. I didn’t call to verify this, though.

ed says:

“This really needs to be moved to postnobills.”

damn skippy. i don’t even know if it makes worst flyer of the week, graphically speaking.

wet towel says:

one of my banks is down just below Ashlan on Blackstone.
-I see the same prostitutes, -and protstitots walking up and down,
-sometimes even talking to the cops.
-They seem to be always there.

The reality of it?
-the sign could be just a joke somebody is playng on some poor girl, (which is pretty sick.)
-cause this isn’t funny.

The bigger reality of it?

Yeah, this is probably real,
Fresno has had areas of town where things are that bad,
-and it’s likely nothing really is going to happen (if/when/that) it goes on.

Fresno was based upon Ag.

-and Ag. is:
‘you have people who are worth a lot’ (who own the place,)
-then people worth varying levels of less,
–right down to the ‘throw-aways,’ who just labor and are basically unknown except for their performance. (all this set by the owners.)

-That standard still exists,
(people just pretend not to know about it, or are comfortable with it… amazing considering this is a town so small I can pedal from one end to the other in less than an hour.)

A kid selling her body just to eat,,, here?
-this is just another form of it.

Chris says:

I called-since my wk number comes up restricted-the number is disconnected.

Mike Oz says:

Beehive, high-five to you, Chris!

You’re not related to the Meat Market are you?

Jennifer says:

does anyone else think it’s sad that no one has taken her number?

I’m surprised no-one has called to find out.

Ok, I did it! I figure I can pretend to do investigative work and call. I was pretty sure it wasn’t real. I was expecting to ask questions like. Did you know there is a sign out side Chris’ Meat Market that says you charge $25/hr, but are willing to get paid in hamburgers? Then she would say NO. I would continue my investigation to try and figure out who posted it. I think she would have a good idea of who could of done it etc etc..

BUT the number is a disconnected one, so we will only have to speculate now.

Dang! I missed Chris’ comment! He beat me to it. Good job Chris.

Prostitutes and meat markets go hand in hand, so to speak.

Michael says:

It’s disconnected? Damn I need a date for Saturday too. Ah well.

Chris says:

Actually, I’m a she. Mike, I’m not associated with Chris’s Meat Market but back the late 90′s when I lived in Fresno (and worked for Fresno County)I used to eat at that place all the time.

Barfly says:

Mike, what would we do without you?? These days only humor will save us! Good on ya.

Sorry Chris. “she beat me to it”

when did fur burger get on the menu?

dave says:

Chris isreal you guys have no lives get the f*** off the net kids