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Oh, TV news, how I love thee

Here’s a gem of a TV news story from WJW Fox 8 in Cleveland. It’s about a woman spotting a black bear in her backyard. The news team went to great lengths to show us the “bear” in question. Enjoy.

I know what you’re thinking: “That can’t be real.” Oh, but it is. I found the video on Fox 8′s Web site and everything. Me thinks Dwight Schrute would be proud of the intrepid reporting.

Responses to "Oh, TV news, how I love thee"

bradley says:

“Except real”

brodiemash says:

You know it’s bad when local news essentially begin Sweding their stories. The phenomenon is spreading!

“We are not bear food”

Chase Sanborn says:

Very clever. The reporter made the most of things with limited resources. (read: friggin’ bear). Unless satire wasn’t the plan.
Then, he is a dolt.

Claire says:

This is what happens when your producer thinks that bring your kid to work day means let your kid do the work day.

You found this on Fox? That’s your first mistake.

ed says:


i loved the bear in action.

Donald Munro says:

Perhaps this trend will catch on. Fox news outlets across the country will trot out cardboard cutouts of politicians they can’t reach, celebrities they can’t schmooze with and car chases they missed. Or, maybe, instead of doing the boy-girl anchor thing, one can be a cutout. It would save on payroll.

Travis Sheridan says:

Sweding the news…FTW

Other news events to Swede:
OJ chase since we recently marked the 15th anniversary
JFK asssasination
Naming of Pope Benny

hahahaha_funny_beard says:

it’s like the news ….except pointless

grrr_im_a_bear says:

man the reenactment of the bear escaping ….too much… I bet the guy behind the bear was laughing his ass off makin it hustle like taht

Craig says:

The Daily Show’s got nothing on these guys.

But seriously, I would rather watch a goofy production like this six days a week and twice on Sunday over our channel 26 news. At least these guys were having fun with it – our guys (and gals to be fair) are buffoons.

Luke says:

My favorite part is the bear climbing a tree. Awesome.