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Fres-Know: Now with twice as much know


It’s all the local news and stuff from the blogosphere that you need to Fres-Know. It’s been a while, so we’re giving you a big one. Don’t dare say it.

KMPHATE? The top item on the GLAAD blog is about how KMPH aired a paid, anti-gay infomercial on Sunday. We have to ask: WWKD — what would Kopi do? [GLAAD Blog]

HIGH JINX: If an airplane has trouble, but only bloggers care … is it news? Mike Scott thinks so and is all over it. [CBS 47]

CAR DASHING: Two girls paid top dollar to meet Kim Kardashian at The Edge on Friday night. After hours of waiting, that didn’t happen, so they dashed outside, intercepted Kim as she left, got invited into her limo, then sent the pics to a vacation blog. [On Location Vacations]

GET OFF MY LAWN! Do you hate people? Wish they’d leave you alone? (I’m thinking of one blogger in particular) Or do you just wish those pesky solicitors would stop knocking at your door? Either way, check out this hilarious sign. [On Edge 559]


THEY’RE FURIOUS: The guys from The Dumb Drum are having another of their Get Togethers for Flashback Flicks on Thursday — this time for The Fast and the Furious (the first one). I’ll race you there. [The Dumb Drum]

THEY’RE CELEBRATING:Neighborhoodish blog South of Sunnyside celebrates its first birthday and is starting a photo contest. They want pictures of the odd ways you’ve had to lock up your bike around Fresno. Or something. [South of Sunnyside]

CHECK IT TWICE: Famous has your summer to-do list. Obey it. [Fresno Famous]

13 & WARPED? How young is too young to go to the Warped Tour on your own? The Moms (+ me) are talking. [Central Valley Moms]


SUCK IT, MODESTO: The headline from this Modesto Bee letter to the editor is “Hey Modesto! Take a lesson from Fresno.” That should be enough to get you to read. [Modesto Bee]

SUCK IT, FRESNO: Modesto retorts: “Well, we’re getting an H & M — enjoy your new Forever 21, suckers!” [Bee News Blog]

HAMMER. FREE OF CHARGE: We know the economy isn’t treating Fresno very well these days … but Esquire was out here documenting it recently. We liked it better when the mag was saying we were the sixth best music city in the country. [Esquire]

DID THEY JUST STEAL OUR STUFF? Taste Fresno unearths a Fresno cook getting some Food Network love and co-opts the title of a popular Beehive feature in the process. We’ll let it go … this time. [Taste Fresno]


WE’RE NO. 8! We’re a bit late in reporting this one — mainly because we’re lazy and it’s something Fresnans already knew. Blue Rhino, the propane peeps, named Fresno the No. 8 city on its list of Cookout Capitals. [Reuters]

CLIFFHANGER: The gents from The View Looks Good From Here, Fresno podcast are using my favorite time-tested TV tactic — the two-parter. Episode 30 is up now, talking about gentrification and downtown redevelopment. The second half is coming soon. [TVLGFHF]

ON A SERIOUS NOTE: Local guy Eli Melander, who has been diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis, has started a blog campaign to raise money for a service dog. He needs to raise $5,500 before August. [My MS Experience]

Responses to "Fres-Know: Now with twice as much know"

james says:

Whoever wrote stole your title to write about food must be a douche.

Anyway, thanks for the write-up; I’ve been away from the internets too much lately…I feel so disconnected. And cold?

ed says:

aw, shucks mike. thanks for the link love. we’re scheduled to record the second part next week, making 4 podcasts in 4 weeks, our new record.

brodiemash says:

@Ed: Mad props on bringing the podcast heat lately!

@Mike: Car Dashing = WIN!

Conlan says:

Damn! Two blogs and I’ve delivered nothing Know-worthy. I need to up my game. Is that a thing? “Upping game”? Is that something I can do? I mean physically, am I healthy enough to?

CVMer says:

Nice CVM shout out, Oz.

MsJoey says:

Let’s raise $5500!
Beehive CarwasH!!!!!!!!!
I’m in!

Brittany says:

Car wash!? Lets do it, e-mail me:

Brittany says:

Do you know a place that we could?

MsJoey says:

I know the perfect location in the Tower District. The new taqueria that used to be Drug Fair. I had one for SCRG there and we made some really good money.
If you guys are interested and we can get enough hivers to volunteer, I’ll organize it!

mdub420 says:

the ladies of the beehive in bikini’s!! oh hell yeah.

MsJoey says:

Leave it to mdub420 to make it all about sex!