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Weekend Rewind: The Edge, Patrick Contreras and more


It was a pretty huge weekend around Fresno — here are some updates. Where did your weekend adventures take ya? Tell us in the comments.


  • It took a last-minute, one-night-only liquor license and round-the-clock work, but The Edge pulled everything together in order to open Friday night as promised. I wasn’t there, but all reports say there was a good crowd. Kim Kardashian has pics on her blog and local photog Casper Munoz has loads on his site like the one above. Who was there? Was it worth what you paid?
  • On another Edge note: Owner Kirk Vartanian said on Friday that the club would be closed for two more weeks to finish the remodeling. Then on Saturday, he changed course and said it would be open Thurs-Sat as an 18-and-over, no-booze spot until the remodeling is done and the club gets its permanent liquor license. (Side note: Props to ABC30 for the funniest thing I saw this weekend).



  • Patrick Contreras’ Tower District block party was a blast. Organizers say it drew a total of 750 people throughout the night (which is more than the figures I’ve heard from Edge). Contreras was his usual violin-shredding showman self, covering Michael Jackson and riding around the crowd in a pedicab. And I’ll say this: It was really nice to hear music outside in the Tower. We need more of that.
  • Up in Tahoe, NoTown Roller Derby completely creamed the Tahoe Derby Dames — 183-69. Next up for NoTown is a July 11 bout against the Diamond Divas of Bakersfield at Fresno Fairgrounds.


  • I missed Brian Kenney Fresno’s attempt at a 12-hour straight solstice concert — but I heard he was going strong throughout the day. Anybody there more toward midnight? Did he pull it off? Here’s a photo from The Bee’s Craig Kohlruss:

Fill us in on all the wonderful Fresno stuff you did this weekend — Fun events? Good food? Try something new? Let’s hear it!

Responses to "Weekend Rewind: The Edge, Patrick Contreras and more"

mdub420 says:

LOL! Did somebody from ABC30 read my Syrian Barbarian name I gave Kirk in the Edge blog?

bradley says:

I volunteered to work the Patrick Contreras gig (i sold you your drink tickets), and he and his band put on a great show. the opening act, an acoustic band, were also great. what is their name? Kudos to Bill Kuebler for helping Patrick make this happen.

MsJoey says:

Patrick and the boys did an amazing job on Saturday. Everyone pulled together to make this event a success.
Thanks to the local media for getting the word out!
We need more events like this to keep the momentum going!

justa says:

Honestly people need to take a look at where the action really was Sat night… Tower District. I pulled up around 9ish and there had to park close to Fresno High almost. Patrick had his gig packed, The Body Rock Ft DJ Don-D had it filled up at Vini’s, Myself and others had it packed out at Palamino’s Tribute to Summer 09, and I can almost bet that Audie’s and the Starline had some good turnouts as well. Yet a good amount of people would rather pay to watch some out of town plain jane sit down at a club for 45 mins on Friday night.

Chase Sanborn says:

Wow. Casper’s photo montage told it all.

A couple of hotties…many more Pahrump ex-pats….and a bunch o’ fat guys up to their wattle in debt.

With Keyser Soze gimping around in the shadows.

Jeffresno says:

The boys from Circles & Circles did Fresno proud Saturday night at The Partisan in Merced with a sweet little set. Circles & Circles plays again this Thursday at Audie’s here in Fresno with San Francisco band Kid Mud, and locals Racelegs and DJ Johnny Q.

I just want to thank Mike Oz and The Fresno Bee for supporting local music as much as they do.

It was not only a big week and weekend for myself, but also for Brian Kenney Fresno with his 12 hour shindig, and 40 watt hype who played on a international TV show in Miami.

I believe we have a great music scene here, its nice that The Bee backs us up.

And also, a huge thank you to all of our fans, beehivers, and fresnans who should up!

– Patrick Contreras

blake says:

Pedicab? Ok, that’s brilliant!
I was only able to stay until about 8:20, and saw the opening act…which
is a singer/songwriter called J.J.Brown.

I had to leave early cuz my own gig was calling at Tokyo Garden—not a super-large crowd, but it
was enthusiastic. The Panduhs from Patterson were all energy and goodness—sort of Buddy HollySongs-indie with crazy energy and crowd communication. Trike Shop were brilliant as usual–ar ar! {There was a table of folks just moved in from Florida (originally Cubans) who had a blast, and I was glad the gig and the place were a great intro for them to some Fresno fun.}Then closing the night was It’s an Icicle who laid out their normal idiosynchratic coolness.

I saw an early chunk of Brian KenneyFresno’s set–about 12:20-2:20.—amazing as usual. It seemed he was pacing himself (he still had a longggg way to go) and played a few beautiful but mellow things along with some of his more frantic material.

Great weekend!

dominic says:

Yeah, that set of pictures really did say it all for the Edge. The pictures start out with some 60 year old ladies dancing. I didn’t know that the Golden Girls were guest stars!! I might’ve gone then. And the pictures continue with the same looking girls kissing the fat guy with the goatee on the cheek. No wonder I didn’t enjoy my trip to Vegas!

LMFAO says:

Mike…you shouldn’t be building up Casper Munoz’s already inflated ego by posting his (bad) photo link here! He gives Fresno photographers a HORRIBLE name.

Nina says:

Hey Mike why do you have to compare the numbers of The Edge and what was going on in the tower sat ? One show was slammed and made to sound like a no show while the other show was hyped by you as the event.i know you must be related to patrick to be kissing up to him all the time.

Mike Oz says:

Why does your IP address reveal that you are the same person posting as Steve in this thread and as Andre in the another thread talking crap about Patrick as well?

Go away, Troll.

MsJoey says:

Actually Nina, the show was hyped by me, Joey.
Remember me….you wanted Patrick at Roe but didn’t think the owners in Vegas would pay for him. You didn’t think he would pull a big enough crowd to garner the fee he was asking which was probably 10 times less than that skank Kardashian received. You called ME trying to book him but you never called me back. Remember me, Nina?
Funny, Patrick really turned it out Saturday night, but of course, I doubt you or any of the promoters of The Ledge (as in, go jump off it) would never acknowledge it!
You all should really pay attention to who and where the real money and longevity is going in Fresno and start making nice and work together.
Together we all can do big things here. Instead your money goes to the crooks, scoundrels and washed up DJs.
All Mike, Patrick, myself and most of the commentors here want is to see Fresno thrive with local music, promotions and people who care about keeping the money circulating here in Fresno.

Sorry Mike, I HAD to jump in on this one!