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Five Things You Should Do This Weekend …

While you welcome Summer into your life.

1. PARTY WITH PATRICK: If you haven’t yet heard about the big Patrick Contreras CD release party/block party, then you must have just gotten the Internet today. (Welcome!) Fresno’s rock violinist not only has the biggest show of the weekend, but he’s also the cover boy in today’s issue of 7. Go here for my Q & A with Patrick.


2. TEETER ON THE EDGE: Owner Kirk Vartanian says tonight’s grand opening is going to be the biggest event in the history of Fresno. I’m still not convinced it will actually open. Either way, don’t you wanna watch?


3. RIDE, RIDE, RIDE YOUR TRIKE: After you see that violin guy, head over to Tokyo Garden to take in the 60s pop of Blake Jones & The Trike Shop plus the energetic young rock of It’s An Icicle.


4. BE COOL: All the cool kids are going to be at Tokyo tonight for the David Dondero/Rademacher. Wait — except the cool people that are hanging out with Kim Kardashian. But all the rest of ‘em, they’ll be at Tokyo.


5. WITNESS THE MARATHON: Brian Kenney Fresno’s attempt at playing 12 hours straight is Sunday at Audie’s. If you thought his show was crazy before, you’re gonna have to see this. Read my Q & A with him to get clued into the madness of BKF.


What are you doing this weekend?
Drop your recommendations in the comments.

Responses to "Five Things You Should Do This Weekend …"

MsJoey says:

I think someone should go to The Edge and tell me if it actually is the biggest event in Fresno History.
Plus, don’t let Patrick hear Vartanian talkin like that!

blake says:

I feel so beehivecool. (is that a term?)
Cuz I think I’m making 3 of the 5 events above.
Saturday I’m going to hear Partick and his violin before heading over to Tokyo Garden for the
Pandah/TrikeShop/Icicle show.
Then I hope to limp in to the Olympic early afternoon to hear BKFresno tap out his goodness.

I’d really like to go to the Rademacher show as well, but I just won’t be able to.

(Did go to a bit of ArtHop North last night—and it was cool. Folks bringing artsiness to
NorFresno’s parking lots, stucco stores and pine trees.—I was at BobaFusion–they had music, paintings and fire dancing…and the crowd was good and very receptive.)