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To-Do Tonight: Just Dance

No, no news on Lady Gaga yet … but there’s plenty of places to go if you wanna cut a rug tonight. We’ll start in the Tower District at Starline, which gets good crowds out to its weekly Intergration night. Don’t be threatened straight folks, the gays know how to party.


On the North side, you can check out Impact at Roe (which has now has way more impact, thanks to a new flier) or the weekly house music showcase at Twist. Or both. They’re so close.



In the middle, there’s Rep’s, which is starting its new DJ night tonight. I know we said it started last week, but we were wrong, it starts tonight. No guarantees on blow-up-doll looking nurses being there, though.


Responses to "To-Do Tonight: Just Dance"

mdub420 says:

no blowup looking nurses, but plenty of sexy latinas.

Stephen says:

Is the Roe one a candidate for WFOTW?

Dozens of fonts, too many colors, but the best?

All the porn/stripper stage names for the event ‘hosts.’ Lukas, Doubler(?), Remedy(!), Sol, Nicole, and the one likely real name, Augie.

And the top bartender there goes by ‘Hollywood.’