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Responses to "Things that have captivated me today …"

brodiemash says:

“Sneakiest Uses For Everyday Things” huh? That thing’s gotta have MAD monetary value in the joint.

mdub420 says:

the bosses are pimps. that was an entertaining video. the life of a boss looks fun.

Jon B says:

Hey Mike OZ, Can we have a “worst video” of the week, instead of worst flier for the roscoe umali video. LOL. It seems like every week someone is trying to promote a Roscoe Umali show in Fresno, Dam give dude a break. says:

the Bosses ? What IS That Exactly advertising ??
Himself ? If it was about that show, ok, why so much time on the camera man himself ? Who else is performing that night and oh I don’t know, What are the drink specials ?? Is there a Dj ? a Host? whose the Promoter?? There was NOTHING in THAT video that made me say “hey I’d like to see this Musical event”. Also, it was WAAAAAY TOO Looong, seriously, if your going to have bad unknown actors, keep it short, to the point and Captivate the on lookers with “entertainment”, not unnecessary Self promotion and fake perpetration of a “boss” , which has lost it’s True definition these days.

Now, the Video as a whole, it Was produced beautifully with the exception of the aforementioned. Must be wielding a nice HD Camera, and the Black water type effects were Sick !.
Good Job.

Mike Oz says:

Well, I didn’t come out and state it …. but I think you understood how I feel about the video.

(the t pain chain) Jesus take the wheel!

Ashley says:

Here’s a little update on T-Pains BIG ASS CHAIN for ya Mike Oz- it might captivate you a little more.

Apparently he’s working on something w/ Taylor Swift. says:

Mike Oz, I don’t know how you feel about that Roscoe video, please DO, come right out and say it please..?