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Best Fliers Ever: The Book


Since concert and club posters are a frequent topic of discussion around The Beehive, I thought you guys might be interested in this book that came across my desk recently. It’s called “Gig Posters: Rock Show Art of the 21st Century.” And it’s totally rad.

From an art perspective, there’s some really nice work inside that’ll have you flipping page after page. From a collector’s perspective, there are 101 perforated 11 x 14 replica posters that you can totally frame and hang on your wall. From a music buff’s perspective, it’s awesome to see artwork for your favorite groups. For instance, I geeked at this Wu-Tang poster.

Artists included in the book range from Wilco to Arcade Fire, from Kanye West to The Shins. Beyond just cool posters, it gives you profiles on the designers and their other work.

If you can’t shell out the $40 for the book, you can freely surf the Web site that inspired it — There are over 100,000 show posters on there. Even some from Fresno and Visalia. Below are some examples of what you’ll find in the book.









I suppose this is a good place to plug that I’ll be doing a presentation on club/concert posters at Pecha Kucha Night this coming Monday. (Another post is coming soon with more info, so sit tight for that).

Responses to "Best Fliers Ever: The Book"

Layne says:

Fan-freakin-tastic stuff.

DChild says:

Love it – that looks like hours of fun to flip through right there. And is there really a band called Arcade Power, or did you mean The Arcade Fire?

Mike Oz says:

ha, good catch, DC.

I was actually debating between listing Arcade Fire and Cat Power … and you saw what came out.

It’s fixed now. Gracias.

SBR says:


brodiemash says:

Some fresh designs. Might have to find that book on the cheap.

blake says:

Fun stuff.
I seem to detect the very able hand of Wade Kraus in the work on many of the Fresno fliers.

There was a guy…Mark?….who put an exhibition of Fresno fliers on at KAOS during Arthop a year or two ago.–also very cool.

I’d like to see a book that displayed the more ‘home-made’/cut n’ paste fliers of an earlier time—like 80′s new wave/punk/rock/etc.

And I’d really really like to see such a coffee table book dedicated to Fresno music history. SOMEONE’s gonna do it sooner or later. I know there are a few movements afoot to document such things.

Coasterguy says:

Amazon has this listed for $26.40 (new) for those not wanting to pay full price.

Chad says:

A few of these you posted are done by an artist that takes poster art to a whole new level. His name is Emek. He did all of Erykah’s recent album and tour campaign along with the recent The Dead tour posters and previous album art. He tends to take 2 our of the 3 places in the concert industry poster contest as well. Sometimes sweeping all 3.

Check out

You’ll find it hard not to buy something from this guy.