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Know the ladies of NoTown: Hari Kari


All this week, we’re introducing you to members of the NoTown Roller Derby team before its bout tonight against the Prison City Derby Dames.

We’ve already met Ivory Gretts, Ziggy Skullbust, Lotta Leadpipe and Pookie.

Our series ends with Hari Kari.


Real Name: Monica
Age: 27
Position: Jammer (Co-Captain)
Number: 51/50
Years Experience: Two

When and why did you get involved with roller derby?
It all began three years ago in August. I saw it and just had to join. I didn’t want to be a “roller girl” as much as I wanted to play roller derby.

What’s the meaning behind your roller derby name?
Long story short about my name, Hari Kari, is that it’s the Americanized version of the word hara kiri Samurai’s would commit “hara kiri” (suicide) by their own sword, rather than be defeated by they opposition.

What other sports do you/would you play?
I wouldn’t play any other sport.

What’s your life like outside of roller derby?

I do hair for a living and love the local art and music scene.

What kind of reaction do you get from people when they find out you’re involved in roller derby?
The reaction that people usually give depends on the individual, but they’re mostly stoked to hear it’s still going on, and in Fresno.

Finish this sentence: At one of our bouts you’ll probably see me __________.
Skating fast, ninja-style through the pack.

In your opinion, what’s the best thing about one of your bouts?
I love hearing the crowd!

What’s the worst injury you’ve gotten in roller derby?
Worst injury so far was being knocked unconscious at a bout.

Does the derby girl in you come out in regular life? Throwing elbows at the grocery store?
I don’t throw elbows, but I love moving through big crowds as though I’m jamming.

What’s it like after bouts when people want your autograph?
The sweetest thing is the mesmerized eyes of the little girls wanting their pictures taken with us. Love it.

NoTown takes on the Prison City Derby Dames on Saturday at Fresno Fairgrounds. Here’s more information:


Responses to "Know the ladies of NoTown: Hari Kari"

ed says:

i heard she was injured and out for this game :(

oh well, let’s hope the other grrls can pick up the slack.

karma says:

hari kari hurt her knee during a practice, but she was out helpin her girls at the bench saturday night. she may not have been able to play, but her presence was well known, especially to the rest of her team.
we <3 hari kari!

Not sure if my last comment went through?