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Know the ladies of NoTown: Pookie


All this week, we’re introducing you to members of the NoTown Roller Derby team before its bout this Saturday against the Prison City Derby Dames.

We’ve already met Ivory Gretts, Ziggy Skullbust and Lotta Leadpipe.

Now here’s Pookie.

Real Name: Christina Lewis
Age: 21
Position: Blocker and Director
Number: 49
# Years Experience: 13 years roller skating, 3 years roller derby

When and why did you get involved with roller derby?

I got involved in roller derby in 2007. I was an artistic figure skater and my friend was interested in roller derby and told me to check out a practice with her. I did, I didn’t know anything about the game, but joined and loved it immediately!

What’s the meaning behind your roller derby name?
The team started calling me Pookie because it seemed to fit, Pookie is Garfield’s teddy bear, and just a cute nickname . . . I may seem sweet in person, but not on the track.

What’s your life like outside of roller derby?
I am a full time student at Fresno State getting my degree in Political Science and I work for the City of Fresno. Other than that, as a player and a Director of the team, roller derby takes up my life.

What reaction do you get when you tell people you do derby?
They don’t believe me! Everyone thinks I am too sweet and nice to play roller derby.

Finish this sentence: At one of our bouts you’ll probably see me _______________.
Frustrating the other jammer with a booty block or knocking a blocker to the ground.


What’s the worst injury you’ve gotten in roller derby?
In June 2008, I broke my ankle in three places at a bout and had surgery to install permanent hardware (plate and screws). I was on crutches for two months and a walking boot for another month. After a lot of physical therapy my first bout back was our season opener on March 21 and it was awesome!

In your opinion, what’s the best thing about one of your bouts?
Our crowd/fans! I have been to many roller derby bouts and no crowd beats ours.

What other sports do you/would you play?
I was a competitive artistic figure skater (roller skates, not ice) for years, even while I was playing roller derby. But I gave up figure skating for roller derby. I would be willing to try roller hockey as well.

Does the derby girl in you come out in regular life? Throwing elbows at the grocery store?
Not too much. Just when someone doesn’t believe I play roller derby ;)

What’s it like after bouts when people want your autograph?
Exhilarating! Having people admire what you do is always a great feeling.


NoTown takes on the Prison City Derby Dames on Saturday at Fresno Fairgrounds. Here’s more information:


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Kim Burly says:

I love Pookie, she’s so amazing.