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Five Things You Should Do This Weekend …

Just remember the sunblock …

1. GET FUNKY: Spoken Funk is going down tonight at the Tower Theatre — a mix of poetry, comedy and music put on by the folks behind Black Light Poetry.

Pretty awesome that an event that started on the Palomino’s patio last summer has worked its way up to the Tower. Read a little more about it in my weekend music roundup.


2. KNOCK A FOOL DOWN: By now you know it’s another roller derby weekend in Fresno. You’ve seen it all over The Beehive this week. But did you see Betty Rocker getting some love on the sports page today? You know you’re big time when Matt James writes about you.


3. REV DOWN: Smokehouse has some good music to entertain the RevFest crowd tonight and tomorrow. So chill out, have some barbecue and enjoy the air conditioning. Yep, they’re advertising air conditioning. That’s some Fresno s%*t right there!


4. MEET ALL OVER THE PLACE: After you’ve Met in the Middle 4 Equality, there are a number of after-parties planned around town. Be there or be Republican!


4.5 PLUS ONE: There’s also a pre-Pride Parade party at Roe on Sunday night that doubles as a Reel Pride fundraiser. Nice flier, too.


5. GET BAILED OUT: Get some cheap laughs with Joey Medina, Thea Vidale and more at the Comedy Bailout show at Woodward Park’s Rotary Amphitheatre. Tickets cost $12-$20. No steel cages allowed.


Got some weekend recommendations? Drop ‘em in the comments!

Responses to "Five Things You Should Do This Weekend …"

Steve Ryan says:

Just remember there are some Republicans out there who do in fact believe gay marriage is NOT the beginning of the end of civilization or life as we know it. I do have some liberal views but if I had to add them up on paper — I would probably tilt moderate conservative. I would also note that Meghan McCain is a Republican who is also a supporter of gay marriage/equality as well. So let’s not forget that..

Abe Lopez says:

Air Conditioning FTW!

On a side note. I know you were sorta joking with the republican thing, but just for the sake of fairness, plenty of Dems voted for that bullsh*t too.

Mike Oz says:

I know, Steve. Just remember this is a blog and sometimes I (we) say things that are meant to be more in a humorous nature.

Ashley says:

It’s not humorous at at all. It just comes off as pretentious, and dare I say, ignorant??? o_O *gasp*

Heather says:

You should maybe worry more about this comes off (hint: kinda douchey):

“and dare I say, ignorant??? o_O *gasp*”

Ashley says:

Oh right Heather except, “Just remember this is a blog and sometimes I (we) say things that are meant to be more in a humorous nature.”
Yeah. that’s it.

Mike Oz says:

Now, now, ladies …

I can handle my words being called pretentious and ignorant. But I’ll still bet you that you’d be able to count the number of registered Republicans at any of those parties on one hand.

Heather says:

Good point, Ashley. You got me there. I think. To be honest, I have no idea what you’re saying.

It seems like you disagreed with a statement Mike made to defend himself, then turned around and used the exact same statement to defend yourself.

Which, I gotta admit, is pretty badass. You win.

Ashley says:

You’re probably right. It’s still better than none at all. Let’s hug. :-)

wet towel says:

…mayor’s a trip.

Chris says:

I noticed you pointed out “Air Conditioning” on the Smokehouse flyer and wanted to add that I find “Live DJ” a bit silly as well. Seems like you have live music, or a DJ, not both. Trivial, yes. Anyway…. everyone should go, the food at Smokehouse is fantastic.

Mr. Incognito says:

Well, I’ve given much thought to why people complain so much when it comes to the comment of there being “nothing” to do in this town.

For over three months, I beat this city down with fliers, posters, handshakes, and other means of communication in regard to a “different” type of event. When the time presented itself, I sat back thinking that everything and everyone was going to stand behind one of their own and enjoy an evening of laughter and poetry; instead, what happened was a “ticket taker” asking my why our event was a failure!

Note to self, Mrs. Ticket Taker, we’re only getting started and it’s too bad your joy was expressed when I needed a hand of friendship and a vote of confidence.

Mike, I sent you a message which stated that things hadn’t gone according to plan, I apologize because my message was premature.

There are several places here in Fresno that carry the “Community Tag” but in the end fail to deliver. I know, I know, I’m not the typical business man, I wear Jordan’s, funny looking glasses, have a crazy hair cut, rock fresh shirts from FTK, hats from Bass Pro Shop, and I don’t let you know that I can…BUT IT’S ALL DONE TO SEE JUST HOW OPEN YOU ARE TO SOMETHING “DIFFERENT”. My hat goes off to D.C.A.C, The Loft, and Palomino’s Restaurant for embracing change and helping it to grow! I smile at places X,Y, and Z for telling me we couldn’t do it and that it would never work.

On Friday evening, we had close to 300 plus in attendance, at the Tower Theatre, and my initial dismay was geared towards the very people who complain but choose to do nothing about it in the end. There was a WORLD CLASS group of comedians and poets who took their time to travel to our city in order to perform. Poetri was an amazing host and from the jump, everyone was captivated.

I guess what I’m trying to say is there were 300 plus individuals who had a chance to see CLEAN poetry and CLEAN comedy in a beautiful venue! My heart aches for the young children who don’t see or hear quality; on Friday evening there were close to twenty kids, high school, and junior high alike who sat along their parents, teachers, and peers and they laughed and listened!

The people who were meant to be there were there and those who missed out, didn’t miss out because of the “recession”; I saw “recession” laden friends out drinking later that night. The people who missed out missed out due to the fact that they aren’t necessarily ready for something new.

I’ll say it now, WE aren’t done trying to bring fresh names and faces to this town of ours; I just don’t want people complaining about there being nothing to do here in Fresno. I’d love to tell you who’s up next but it’s not about that at this point; however, it’s about getting people to believe that quality can come through poetry and comedy because quality is right here in the Valley. Soon people will stop driving out of town for shows and driving to town to catch the next “act”.

I’ve sat in corners, supported others, and been very humble about everything taking place; all for a reason:

1. Sitting and observing allows you to see what you need to do and who you can count on

2. In order to gain support, one must support and understand what changes need to be done and what people like

3. Well…it’s still not me that makes things happen, I’m just part of a group that wants to see things happen

In closing this “Wet Towel” like message, I’d like to thank you Mike for being a friend, community contributor, and a facilitator of new taco shops!


559 Up

MsJoey says:

Mr. I, I heard the event was a smash hit! Heard the laughter led to tears and everyone in attendance left astonished, amazed and completely captivated.
Dont be disheartened. This is the first real BIG VENUE gig you’ve done here in Fresno.
Dont be dismayed. The numbers may mean alot for your pocketbook but take it from someone who knows.
I helped start a major Roller Derby trend in Fresno…..There were two people who busted a$$ spreading the word, pounding the pavement. There were two people who bugged and bugged and bugged local media til they couldnt ignore us (I mean, who can ignore me, right?)
There were two people who put their heart and soul into a little known sport, forsaking family and friends. it was those two people who organized bake sales, rummage sales, benefit concerts, car washes, two people who led the belief that if at least two people feel passionately about something AND dont give up, others will believe too.
Our first few events were definately not grand-slams and they burned holes in our wallets BUT they were small stepping stones to where Roller Derby is today.
AND I am a firm believer in the notion that good things come not to those who wait but to those who patiently give their hard work, blood, sweat and tears to something they feel passionate about.
Keep working hard Stephen, dont lose faith.
If you ever wonder what and why you are working so hard, seriously, google Smog City Roller Grrls circa 2005 then roller derby Fresno 2009.
I take alot of pride in knowing that I was key to making that happen.

Chin up, friend, the best is yet to come!!!!!