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Know the ladies of NoTown: Lotta Leadpipe


All this week, we’re introducing you to members of the NoTown Roller Derby team before its bout this Saturday against the Prison City Derby Dames.

We’ve already met Ivory Gretts and Ziggy Skullbust. Now, here’s team co-captain Lotta Leadpipe, who you may have seen in The Bee this morning too.

Real Name: Ashley Schuller
Age: 25
Number: 1085
# years of experience: Second season

When and why did you get involved with roller derby?
I got involved when my sister in-law (who was involved with derby) came back from having my nephew, Cary. One day we went to the Clovis Cal-Skate and she was so excited. I was naturally athletic and had a strong competitive streak. My brother just wanted to see my face squinched up like I’ve eaten a lemon when I get mad. *lemon face*

What’s the meaning behind your roller derby name?
One of my favorite movies is “The Green Mile.” The guard that is supposed to be studying, just has a comic book inside of his study books and the title of the comic is “The Many Adventures of Miss Lotta Leadpipe.” My Mom thought it would be a great idea.

What’s your life like outside of roller derby?
I love my job and my family life. I have a great boss and co-workers. I love being able to go home and relax with my family. I play Call of Duty (especially Zombie mode) on my PS3 and go take a skate on the Clovis trails to wind-down.

What reaction do you get when you tell people you do derby?
It’s mixed a lot of times. My favorite people to talk to are people who played Derby back years ago. They all love the Bay City Bombers and you can see that twinkle in their eye that you know they still love it deep, deep down. My least favorite people are the ones who think that derby is all fun and not a rough, do-it-yourself sport that you have to seriously commit you and your family too.

Finish this sentence: At one of our bouts you’ll probably see me _______________ .
Knocking girls around HARD. Girls are scared of me for some reason.

What’s the worst injury you’ve gotten in roller derby?
Red Bully knocked my directly on my tailbone at a practice in October of last year. I haven’t been the same ever since… It got ALMOST better… and then about 3 weeks ago I fell on it again. You know what they say: “No guts, no glory”

What’s the best thing about one of your bouts?
In my opinion the best thing about our bouts HAS to be OUR FANS! I have been to quite a few out of town bouts and the energy and enthusiasm of our crowd can not be compared. We have people chanting our names and trying to get out autographs during half-time. I get chills everytime I come out of our dressing room and see how many people have come to see us hit the other team around.

What other sports do you/would you play?
I played every sport I could in school. I loved softball the most when I was younger and I really think that being involved in sports has really attributed to my competitive nature.

Does the derby girl in you come out in regular life? Throwing elbows at the grocery store?
Everyone seems to think it does. People at work are like “Oh, you don’t want to mess with her, that’s LOTTA LEADPIPE right there you better be careful, get an elbow to the face or somethin’” I can do nothing but play along.

What’s it like after bouts when people want your autograph?
I love it! I feel like a huge superstar! Fresno always stands behind the sports teams and bands they love. I will sign anything for anyone! I practice signing my Derby name like a newly-engaged girl writes her soon-to-be married name.

[photo by Jennifer Emerling]

NoTown takes on the Prison City Derby Dames on Saturday at Fresno Fairgrounds. Here’s more information:


Responses to "Know the ladies of NoTown: Lotta Leadpipe"

Stephen says:

Kudos to MikeOz once again for helping bring alive a local fresno _________.

I really haven’t wanted to go to a bout, but then I get to reading these humanizing stories and the girls become celebs to me and boom! I really want to see them in action!

Kim Burly says:

Oh boy do I love that Lotta Leadpipe! Stupid me, I married her brother when clearly she’s the real catch!