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The Swedies: 2009 Swede Fest awards


It’s the event that the Fresno Swede community has been waiting for — The Beehive’s Swedies. OK, that’s a total lie. You didn’t even know we were doing these awards. But we just thought it sounded cooler if we said everyone was waiting.

While the Fresno blogosphere is still buzzing about Saturday’s Swede Fest, we are taking on the unofficial duty of recognizing the Swede Fest’s best and brightest. The winners, get this, will have their names in a Beehive post.

- Best Picture: “La Bamba — Sweded,” by Vince Cosentino
- Best Actor: Will Albritton, “A Few Swede Men”
- Best Actress: Brittany Stapleton, “Interview With a Vampire Sweded”
- Best Supporting Actor: Jimmy Cosentino, “La Bamba — Sweded.”
- Best Supporting Actress: Whoever was Donna in “La Bamba”
- Best Director: Bryan Harley, “Signs (Sweded)”
- Best Cinematography: Roque Rodriguez, “The Fast & The Furious (Sweded)”
- Best Writing – Adapted Screenplay: “A Few Swede Men,” Josh & Will Are Idiots.
- Best Writing – Original Screenplay: Travis Sheridan, “The Office: Swine Flu.”
- Best Film Editing: Roque Rodriguez, “A Few Swede Men”
- Best Visual Effects: Travis Sheridan, “The Office: Swine Flu.”
- Best Costume Design: “Signs (Sweded)”

Feel free to give your own “people’s choice awards” in the comments after watching the films below.

La Bamba – Sweded from Vince Cosentino on Vimeo.

Signs (Sweded) from Bryan Harley on Vimeo.

The Fast & The Furious (Sweded) from Roque Rodriguez on Vimeo.

A Few Swede Men from JoshWill Idiot on Vimeo.

Napoleon Dynamite (Sweded) from Roque Rodriguez on Vimeo.

Responses to "The Swedies: 2009 Swede Fest awards"

brodiemash says:

Excellent choices! Congrats to all the winners of the Swedies and everyone who submitted entries to the Swede Festival! And for all of you guys who are interested in submitting an entry for the next one, keep an eye on Dumb Drum for Swede Fest The Fourth later this year!

Michael says:

Well I was hoping I was going to be able to repeat as Best Supporting Actress, I think I’m happier that my sister won for Best Actress. Thanks again to everyone who came out and made this a huge success.

Having seen these in person, I’m going with the first things that I remember most from each film.
Most memorable mustache – “La Bamba sweded.”
Most appropriate depth level of an actor – the Mel Gibson face cardboard cutout in “Signs – sweded.”
Best use of budget for props – “The Fast & the Furious sweded.”
Tastiest cast – the Pez in “The Office: Swine Flu”
Best use of stars – “A Few Swede Men”
Most convincing vampire hair – “Interview with the Vampire sweded.”
Best use of kids time – “Napoleon Dynamite sweded.”

Vince says:

Wow! Three Swedies including Best Picture, we are truly honored.

Heartfelt thanks go out to Roque for putting the festival together, Corridor 2122 for giving the festival a home, Mike Oz for giving out awards, and all the participants for raising the bar, just a little, each year.

Donna was played by my wife, Kristin Cosentino.

I think Jimmy will be requesting payment and his own trailer for the next one.

Bryan Harley says:

The “Up and Coming Sweders” award definitely goes to the kids who did Napoleon Dynamite. Awesome.

I humbly accept for Best Director and Costume Design. *bow* *bow*

Great job to all.

Wow, this award is heavier than it looks on TV. I’d like to thank the Mike Academy, my artistic partner Josh and my mom. And Josh’s mom. And Roque Rodriguez for agreeing to join us in this collaborative effort. Congrats, Roque, for your awards — they are very well deserved.

I’d also like to thank the great Aaron Sorkin, whose words are like gummy life savers — you just want to chew and suck on them all day. And, of course, Rob Reiner. I hope you’ve enjoyed the previous two swedes we did of your did of your movies, as well as this one.

You know, we sweders love movies. And this festival offers us an opportunity to share that love. Some people don’t get what we do. But we’re storytellers, too. And even if our friends and family are really the only ones for whom we’re making these things, I can’t think of a better way to spend 5 minutes in front of a computer screen. (OK, maybe I can, but still, the point remains.)

We did it, Josh! I knew you could totally handle the truth!

In conclusion, Kathy Bates naked in a hot tub. Thank you, Fresno!

Bino Escobar says:

I can’t believe the Lebowski swede was shut out. Not even a comment recognition from anyone. Anyways, Lebowski team, keep doing what you love!

Mike Oz says:

I’ll state for the record that I liked the Big Lebowski swede — it’s not in this post because I haven’t seen it anywhere online yet.

brodiemash says:

Yeah, I’m trying to get that one ripped from the DVD I was supplied for the fest but I have yet to do get it done. It’ll hopefully be up very soon!

Damian says:

that’s what swede said lol… good job on all of the them… signs was my favorite though

Oh that’s right, the sweded Big Lebowski. I knew there was something missing here. They all went by so fast, it was hard to keep track.
So for:
Best cameo of an animal actor – the cat in the “Big Lebowski – sweded”.