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As if you needed more of him: Ryan Seacrest comes to Fresno radio


Ryan Seacrest has landed in Fresno. If “American Idol” and his spot on E! are not enough for you, Seacrest’s radio show will now be piped into the 3-7 p.m. timeslot at Alice 96.7. The previous DJ — Adriana — was part of the recent Clear Channel layoffs that also axed morning show host Laurie West.

What says you, Fresno, are you happy about the addition of Seacrest and his “celebrity exclusives?” Or does your life already have enough of Ryan Seacrest?

Oh, and in case you’re curious a syndicated show called “Valentine in the Morning” has taken West’s wake-up spot.

Responses to "As if you needed more of him: Ryan Seacrest comes to Fresno radio"

Tami says:

Good Lord. Seriously?

michelle says:

I hate the new morning show..he’s boring I want laurie west back along with nigel and adriana. This same situation happened to kiss country which is why I switched to alice now ill be switching again. I’m sick of celebrity bs I liked the real stuff…either bring them back or get off the air.

Ashley says:

I’ll stick to Rodham & Lipp, thanks.

Stephen says:

I am personally horrified and ashamed to admit that I like celeb stuff, interviews, etc. I also sorta kinda like Seacrest, except when he’s off-script. Ad lib is not his talent, to be sure.

On his radio show, I do like how he asks pressing questions of celeb guests.

However, I’m not ashamed to say that Ashley speaks for me when she says “I’ll stick to Rodham and Lipp.”

it sucks that adriana is gone. she helped me out as well as other bands by getting us on air over at alice.

Solitaire says:

Thank God I don’t listen to the radio at all

Silly Cilla says:

Radio in Fresno SUCKS! I did not care for Laurie “CornRolls” West at all! Why is it so difficult to have a variety of music here?
Sirus Radio, here I come!

Will says:

Is it “CornRolls” or “Corn Rows”? I always thought it was “Corn Rows”

Joanna says:

Yeeehawwww! Cant stand laurie’s attitude and her voice! Hope she finds something though as long as its not a station that i like to listen to. I had to change the channel every time i heard her voice! Yes!

suckayouman says:

Its sad to see those people leave and get replaced by these people. I would rather listen to local people who know local places and people. The new morning show is boring just like the last, ryan sucks. Adrianna was good to listen to. All the DJ are gone except for makani. Kind of sad when you think about it, because it shows how the economy is right now.