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Fres-Know: Fresno Gold Star Edition


It’s all the local news and stuff from the blogosphere that you need to Fres-Know.

THE TOWER IS A PLACE FOR TOURISTS: The Tower District (and Fresno) got a two-page spread in the current Sunset Magazine. They shouted the Tower out as a cool daytrip and called it a “hip indie ‘hood brimming with vintage flavor.” And no where did it say “scary,” so take that, rest of the city. [The Fresnan]

SUCK IT, LONG BEACH: Fresno is now officially the fifth biggest city in the state, topping Long Beach. Now we need a beach and a Roscoe’s Chicken & Waffles. [Fresno Bee]

AIN’T FRESNO GREAT? If we may continue drooling over our city, we’ll point you toward a new survey from the Fresno City & County Convention & Visitors Bureau asking people “What’s so special about the Fresno area?” You should fill it out. [Fresno Famous]

PODCAST PIÑATA: The View Looks Good From Here, Fresno podcast turned 1 recently. What do you get a podcast for its birthday? We suggest a piñata. We like alliteration. I’m sure they’d be happy if you just listened though. [TVLGFHF]

IT AIN’T ALL RAINBOWS: A recent trainwreck of a local show has Conlan at FMB ranting about Fresno’s music scene. It’s a good read. [FresnoMagBlog]

Responses to "Fres-Know: Fresno Gold Star Edition"

Bryan Harley says:

Yeah! F-you Long Beach!

Conlan says:

Thanks for the linkage. I’m happy to add a little sour to the sweet, but please remember: I rant because I love. (Also, I hope people take my challenge seriously.)

ed says:

we are having a pinata @ our birthday party this weekend.

The Fresnan says:

Yeah, Long Beach, we’re bigger than you and we have tourist-y things, just. like. you. Take your Queen Mary and Spruce Goose and shove them up your marina!

(Thanks for the linkage, Mr. Oz)