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Christmas music? In April? No way!


Anybody tune to 105.5 FM lately? Notice something odd? The station — formerly set to play smooth jazz — has gone to all Christmas music. In April, that’s more Bright Christmas than White Christmas.

A press release from the station has a headline that screams “Christmas Music Around the Clock, 24/7, 365 Days a Year on 105.5FM!!” But Rick Bentley writes in his column today that it’s all a gimmick and that we should expect a format change from the station on Friday.

On-air teasers are asking, “Are you ready for the truth?” Which fits with a rumor that it’s going to a talk radio station. Another talk radio station in Fresno? Well, well, well … I can barely contain my excitement.

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Responses to "Christmas music? In April? No way!"

Michael says:

Please don’t let this be a KMJ Jr. Jr (or would that make it KMJ the III?).

TheLoneIguana says:

Ugh, I’m already having a hard time filling the presets on the stereo in my car, and I’m too cheap to pay for XM. More CDs, I guess.
Talk radio is a crank-filled waste of bandwidth, no matter what side of the spectrum you’re on.

Nancy says:

Talk all you want…I’m NOT LISTENIN’!!!

I guess I can stop feeling bad that last week my car was broken into and my radio stolen.

Abel E. Jimenez says:

I have a feeling it’s going to be progressive talk (liberal as opposed to conservative). It coincides with the fact that Randi Rhodes cut a deal with Premier Radio Networks to get a show starting May 11, the lineup that would be attractive would be Stephanie Miller, Ed Schultz, Randi Rhodes, Mike Malloy and Alan Colmes, sadly Air America became weak, after the departure of Rhodes, Malloy and Al Franken. Despite being a Republican, Fresno does need a pro-Obama voice, and as a bonus, I would love to see my friend Chris Terrence get a local talk show of his own.

TheLoneIguana says:

And the verdict is… (drum roll)

Another right-wingnut station. Calling themselves “the truth.”

Oh. Joy.

Abel E, Jimenez says:

Alas, another conservative talk station, like we really needed one. And this is coming from a Rush Limbaugh listening Republican. Fresno radio needs to broaden its horizons, Radio Disney for the kids, Casey Kasem AMERICAN TOP 40 CLASSIC COUNTDOWNS for people like me, syndicated liberal hosts like Randi Rhodes, Ed Schultz and Mike Malloy for those who need their fix and a 24-hours Blues station for the Blues lovers. The companies that run these stations are just too one-dimensional for their own good, 4 conservative talk stations, 4 hip-hop stations, 4 Country stations (including Tulare and Merced) and a truckload of Spanish stations. Consultants need to start surveying us Fresnans and see what we really want.