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Your mornings are now Laurie West-less


Laurie West’s days at Alice 96.7 are over. The longtime morning show host was not on the air this morning and she has been removed from the station’s Web site. Numerous sources are telling me that she was laid off on Tuesday.

West was the most popular female voice in Fresno radio, if you believe Fresno Magazine’s Best of Fresno poll. It appears that Alice 96.7, owned by Clear Channel, also parted ways with evening host Adriana and West’s producer/co-host Nigel as well. You can read more in Rick Bentley’s column tomorrow.

With Y101 moving more toward Alice 96.7′s demo with some recent format changes, I wonder if we’re going to hear something new from 96.7 soon. Hmmmm.

Responses to "Your mornings are now Laurie West-less"

Clovis says:

Well, that’s what we usually listen to in the shop in the way early morning. She entertained me more than most other morning hosts… kinda a bummer.

Danielle says:

I always hated Laurie West, and didn’t know about Y101…thanks for both heads up’s!

Tami says:

Not happy. She is all I listened to in the morning. So sad. Wont listen to anyone they replace her with.

Danielle says:

I am honestly surprised even two people liked her enough to be upset! She was so self-centered (sounding) and that show always had boring topics and long-winded talk portions. To each their own…

Chase Sanborn says:


I am honestly surprised one person hated her enough to post twice.

Robb says:

The best was if you were lucky enough to hear her finish her show. Take it out the backside something. What a joke, she was lame.

Moodtros says:

This is just another reason to switch to Sirius. Great Music, Great Talk, Great Sports, no commercials. And $12 a month is not all that bad. Skip Starbucks twice a week.

Danielle says:

Don’t be surprised, she really wasn’t that good of a host! I guess in the Fresno market, there is a grading curve when it comes to radio, though. Anyway, sorry if my being a regular around here and taking the time to re-read posts I care about bothers you, Chase. Cheers anyway! :)

Danielle says:

Having formerly worked in radio here and still knowing a lot of people whose livelihood depend on local terrestrial radio, I have a hard time admitting that I totally agree with you, Moodtros. Sirius is looking like that’s where it’s at…

Clare says:

Pandora and Slacker are nice too…and I love the ability to create my own stations.

Does anybody remember John Lee Walker in the morning???

Those were golden Fresno radio times.

Ernie says:

I think it’s: “That’s it, that’s all. Hope y’all had a ball. Don’t slip, don’t slide, take it out the backside.”

I never quite understood it.

Sara says:

Oh thank God!

Laurie West was the most God-awful radio personality I’ve ever experienced.

I literally could not even turn my radio to that station in the morning because I was too afraid I might hear her voice/some ignorant comment for a fraction of a second and then subsequently vomit all over my steering wheel.

myrealnamereally says:

someone hit it right on the nail! LW was a self center egotistic male-mashing squeaky siren. my dumbazz gf at the time would tune into hear about LW’s weightwatcher status report on herself *gag* hint: stop eating 2 portions kktnx

msbee says:

Finally, Fresno gets rid of the worst DJ ever. I so hope, she and her family move somewhere else, so we will no longer have to endure her!!! I can’t believe any would listen to the wind bag. Please bring back Adam Carolla! At least he was funny!

Cole says:

GOOD RIDDANCE! I am so glad we do not have to hear that ridiculous sign off! I never listened to her anyway, but lately all our radio stations are sucking besides KFSR and Y101, only because that is the only reception I get at work. Can someone please put back on Adam Corolla?

mdub420 says:

i’m still pissed clear channel dropped dre’s and brian noe’s sports talk shows on 1340am.

Stephen says:

While I’m usually the worst critic, I want to stand up for Laurie West for her charitable work around the Valley. She never said ‘no’ to anyone needing her for a charity event.

Having said that, she really was gawdawful on the radio.

@mdub, I, too was surprised and peeved to not have Brian Noe and Andre covering local stuff. I think Dre is a great comedian, but only kinda so-so on the air.

Brian Noe, when he had someone else like Chaz in studio, was a national-caliber host. I hope he catches on to a similar situation on a national or syndicated format.

Having said THAT, I LOVE the Petros and Money show. I also love Rome in the am. But there’s no reason they can’t put Dre AND Brian on from noon til 2. And while I really enjoy sports soup in the wee hours of the am, maybe they could tape Dre and Brian during the day and play THAT overnight. Not like they take calls during sports soup.

Anyways, I agree…radio in the Valley right now sucks ballz.

Side Note: Mayor Autry, whom I still consider a friend, is an obnoxious know-nothing blowhard on the radio. It is NOT the format for him, tho he fits right in with Senator Fred Thompson.

new in norcal says:

Besides that, you have to remember over the years how many different partners she had. Maybe the problem wasn’t with her parters…

jacko says:

I was suprised she was gone, but she wasnt very good to begin with. I am so glad i wasnt the only one who thought she sucked as a dj. You notice when her producer was on with other people they had so much fun, but when she was on it was rather dull. I have notice that Y101 has changed their format to be the same as 96.7.

Debra says:

Sounds like a lot of negative personalities commenting on Laurie. I don’t know her personally but enjoyed listening to her in the mornings, she is definately positive & energetic. Too bad they cut her off the air, that will hurt their business even more, since several of us at my place of work have said they will no longer tune in Alice for any listening. And for those of you who are picking on Laurie, shame on you, you are the ones no one can tolerate. As for Laurie, find a better radio statiton to work for. You go girl!!!!.

Nikki Thomas says:

It wasn’t just Nigel and Laurie that got cut Tuesday. It was a bloodbath this week at Clear Channel stations natiowide. Around 600 people were let go this week.

People have a right to their opinion, but I am convinced Laurie did the best she could with the situation she was given at CC. Her release is not a reflection on her inasmuch as it is a direct result of our economy. Car dealerships and banks are leading radio advertisers…and those guys have been pounded by the downturn in the economy. It’s like the “trickle down” theory that Reagan preached about in the 80′s. It all rolls downhill.

What’s really sad is that not only does local programming suffer within the bounds of consolidation…but where are these people going to find jobs now? CC has made it a point to try to “squeeze blood from a turnip” so-to-speak, for so long and has cut live air talent in favor of pre-recorded and canned programming. My heart goes out to all of them. I’ve been there…it’s lousy. I feel bad for the salespeople and management, too. The decision to let these people go wasn’t on a local level, by any means.

Debra says:

That was nice of you to explain CC reasoning for layoffs. Sounds like you may work there, but that is besides the point. Letting go of Laurie was the worst thing they could do, she is what makes that radio station, she will be missed.

diane bertao says:

Well, I’ve listened to Laurie for years while getting ready and driving to work everyday. I’ve even been a caller to the show sometimes. I’ll miss Laurie (and Nigel) in the morning for some things, like–keeping the momentum going, trying something different everyday. I know that some think Laurie was this, that, or the other. However, look deep, and you will see a women with a good heart; someone who tried to see the good in all! She loves her family like a mother tiger. She’s given so much of time freely for events in Fresno — in the ends, she’s a very caring individual who has a passion for life, love, and the things that matter most in this life. I wish her and her family the best.

debra says:


sanbo says:

Its sad that here in the valley we dont have any good radio shows. Most are boring or just god awful.

Kevin says:

I will miss Laurie, she did a good show. The best thing that could come from this is she lands herself a job at some other Fresno station doing the morning show there. Clear Channel will realize just how valueable she is.
As others have stated most other morning programs are god awful, like beavious and butthead (Bob & Tom) on The Fox. Laurie would be a refreshing change and I might actually start listening to that station again. I have boycotted them even though it has my favorite music format; because of the rank “humor” of that morning show. The pathetic laughter is like nails on a chalk board.
This would give a quality local morning show to a well establish local station. I look forward to hearing Lourie again soon!

Alicia says:

I think it’s really too bad about Laurie. I really enjoyed listening to her. You could tell she really cares about Fresno. It’s also too bad to see the economy is hitting us all hard. Hang in there Fresno…if we can survive this economy…we can survive anything.

FresnoStateFan says:

I am glad both Laurie and Nigel are gone. Laurie’s show was boring and Nigel never disagreed with her. The show would have been much better had Nigel had some balls and provided a male’s perspective.

What sucks is 105.9 Jack was replaced by a FM version of KMJ. KMJ should be left on AM because people who want to hear talk radio tune to the AM channels. Jack was the best radio station the valley has ever had. The recent radio transitions show just how second rate Fresno is. Fresno will never compete with the bigger markets because we have people in the valley who think they are more important then they actually are. Just play music like everyone expects from a radio station, or provide entertainment like 97.1′s morning show. Speaking of people who think they are more important than they are, who the hell is Nicole? She seems like another Paris Hilton, famous for nothing.

Claire says:

Sirius radio is the one extra that I’m not cutting back on, yet. There’s just nothing local that keeps me loyal.
I don’t know any of the hooplah over Laurie, but anyone losing their job breaks my heart.

Megan LeAnne M. says:

Without Laurie and Nigel, Alice is just another hum drum radio station. I haven’t turned on my radio on since they left. They were the best part of my mornings. My iPod is now more entertaining that what they have on.

Rickydoo says:

LAURIE WEST is the BOMB!!! I will follow her where ever she goes. There is not any nicer person on the air in the morning. I wonder if you all Laurie Bashers are the kind of people who listen to Howard Stear or even find him funny. If you are, then Laurie West is not the DJ for you, so WHO CARES your opinion of her anyway. As for her listeners, we will miss her. I hope Clear Channel will miss the ratings she brought also.

Rhonda says:

Laurie West and Nigel are amazing, kind hearted people! And trust me there are more then just two that are upset! Alice and Clear Channel just made the biggest mistake ever by letting them go! Funny how only the female radio personalities were fired. I guess maybe the Manager does not like females!! I switched and hope everyone else who loves Laurie does the same! Laurie rocked and to those who did not like her, you will probably never know what you missed! She and Nigel were awesome!!

Bruce Armstrong says:

Laurie West did more for charities in this town than anybody – including Ray Appleton. Perhaps she didn’t provide enough fart jokes and prank calls and the like for some people, but that never was her shtick to begin with.

As for Clear Channel: They treated the people they let go in Fresno and across the country like garbage – little or no notice, no opportunity to get possessions from the office, etc. In fact, on one station at least, two of three people on a morning show team were called out of their studio during a break, and escorted from the building. You do NOT treat people like that!

I’ll miss Laurie & Nigel in the AM and Adriana in the PM, but I think alice 96.7 and Clear Channel will miss ‘em way more come the next ratings period.

Wanessa B says:

I am really sad that Laurie and Nigel are gone. I couldn’t agree more with those of you that support her. She is amazing and so kind hearted. I listened to alice for about 20 minutes and couldn’t stand it anymore, it’s so mechanical and dull. She was a very lively person and she wasn’t afraid to share her opinion.
For those of you bashin her SHAME ON YOU! You’re criticizing her because she had the guts to stand up to what she believed in? Seriously, you guys are just lame for doing that.
what about thinking about her and her family and the fact that she’s gone through SO MUCH this year…this is not what she needed right now.
Besides all that, Bruce is so right, she’s done SO MUCH for the community. She really cared for her listeners and it’s a shame that she’s gone.
I miss her and my husband and I won’t listen to alice anymore.

FSU student says:

Laurie West and Nigel in the morning had the best show there was. If it wasn’t for them entertaining us realistically, I would have probably just listened to a cd. All the other morning shows are okay, not great. Their boring in a sense not talking about real topics, trying to play their popularity card, even the older adults.

I’m dissapointed, clear channel got rid of Laurie West and Nigel, they were a great team and made me start my day positive.

For those of you hating on them, don’t. They even tried to keep the show as clean as they could for the younger audience.

I’m gonna miss them

Zen says:

Well, apparently I’m in the minority. But I liked her. I kind of freaked this morning when I turned on my radio and found some stange guy talking me through my morning drive! I had to double-check the station.

I’m sorry to hear that she and others have lost their jobs. She was one of the few morning shows in this area that I found palatable. According to the Alice website, they’ve replaced her with a four-person show? Not sure I understand the economics of that.

I also really hope that this isn’t foreshadowing major format changes. Alice plays a lot of my favorite music.

Oh, and thanks for letting us know about this, since Clear Channel doesn’t seem inclined to let it’s listeners know what’s going on.

WENDY says:

Wow turn on the morning show and Laurie and Nigel are gone. Well I listened and the new guy is stale and awful, will be listening to another morning showq, hope I can find one that is not hosted by some fart jock. This sucks. All you Laurie haters that swear you don’t listen then how do you have an opinion? Oh well the evil economy attacks again.

Kelley says:

I am not even going to bother to read the previous comments. All I know is The Alice morning show will never be the same! Laurie West and Nigel were wonderful, HONEST, caring people. If you didn’t like listening to them then all you had to do was change the channel, turn down the radio, or turn the darn thing off! I have been sitting here listening to the new morning show and am in amazement how different this feels! No fun! Haven’t laughed once! Just not HAPPY!!!

I personally think the “decision makers” at the station made an extremely STUPID move! I am watching for one of the more intelligent stations in town to “HOPEFULLY” pick them up! If you are reading this Laurie and Nigel… I miss you in my mornings and wish you both all the best!

Once of Your MANY LONG TIME LOYAL listeners!

Tonya says:

I was very surprised to hear that Laurie and Nigel were off the air. I’ve been listening to them for years. I think they made a great team. At times I wished Nigel could have suck up for himself better but maybe that’s what made him so appealing. They will definitely be missed!

Nick says:

Thank god the reign is over. I used to listen to 96.7 for years, even before LW was on, then one co-host would get fired, then another, and another. I could not stand listening to her voice or her opinionated garbage. Unfortunately, i love 96.7 and its music format so i would just listen to it after 9AM. Unfortunately, we will be losing the local flavor. I hope they keep some local DJ’s to make it a more meaningful listening experience.

Shanon Dellone says:

I am not happy about the change! The team that is on there now is not very interesting. I can not believe they would cut someone who did such a great job for such a long time…I guess its all about money not about the customers! The listeners should have had imput on the situation, we are the listeners! I guess I will just plug in my Ipod!

Michelle says:

Everyone should stop worrying. Its the nature of the business. I’m glad Makani’s still on…now even longer (9am to 3pm)

=P says:

It’s about MONEY & what’s not in the budget. How about the big bosses take a pay cut before they start laying off other’s. It’s terrible that six people lost their jobs…not just Mrs. West. It’s funny how many negative comments there are…YOU ALL must have listened for quite sometime. Anyways, I don’t listen to this station anymore!!!!

Stephen says:

Bruce writes: “As for Clear Channel: They treated the people they let go in Fresno and across the country like garbage – little or no notice, no opportunity to get possessions from the office, etc. In fact, on one station at least, two of three people on a morning show team were called out of their studio during a break, and escorted from the building. You do NOT treat people like that”

Bruce, you’ve clearly never worked in radio.

This is EXACTLY how people get treated…and often with good reason. You do NOT want to tell someone they’re fired and then let them back on the air, or even close to a microphone or any other employees. Not that Laurie or Nigel would have done anything wrong, but that’s the way it is.

I once had the company I worked for extend a company breakfast for a half hour while I collected my belongings and was escorted (politely) out. They weren’t even told I was gone, not a one of them. The girl I hugged on the way out thought I was taking a day off.

It’s the way it is, and all radio peeps know it.

brittany says:

Laurie West was awesome. I’m pissed that people are being so rude about the whole thing. Not only was she an amazing dj, but she is also a person who had a family and lost her job. I can’t believe how insensitive people are being about that. What JERKS!!

Nabo says:

Wow, what a change. I noticed the change yesterday and wondered what was up. Kind of nice and kind of sad at the same time. I think that it’s even more sad that Adriana was let go. LW and Nigel were at best OK but I absolutely loved it when Makani and Adriana hosted the morning show while LW was away or on vacation.

I think Makani and Adriana were hilarious together and I never laughed so hard as I did when those two were hosting the morning show. I say put Makani on in the mornings (because he is a million times better than this Valentine guy) and bring back Adriana and team them up. As far as a producer, who cares but I think Adriana and Makani would be a great thing in the mornings. They are funny and I just love to listen to them in the morning. This new guy, Valentine in the morning…OMG, he is soooooooooo lame, and cannot DJ his way out of a paper bag. I will be finding a new radio station to listen too now.

Kathy says:

And what really is sad, is these DJ are not even from the valley. How do they even know us? I will not be listen to Alice no more.

Debra says:

I really hope that they are paying Laurie West for her commercials that they are still playing. Not sure if she is still doing the Adventure fresno body challange, not that she shouldn’t but do it for her own self, but don’t let the radio station use her to advertise form them, that is just wrong and they are still using her for some fruit bouquet company to advertise dipped strawberries. Please people ban 96.7 from advertising your products or business.

J says:

I liked Laurie’s program but I think Ryan Seacrest’s program in the afternoon is the bomb! His music is awesome! Kinda sad to see Laurie go tho.

Thankful says:


I got so sick of hearing her voice I stopped listening to that station a long time ago.

BooKitty says:

I pretty much only listened to Alice for the morning show. Towards the end of her Alice career, Laurie did start to irritate me. I swear it’s all she ever talked about was fitness and And she did have a tendency to get overly opinionated, bitchy and defensive, and I could sense the negative tension between her and Nigel. I know no one was there to actually witness it, but I’m positive Nigel was biting his tongue and wanted to strangle Laurie the majority of the time.

With all that said, I still preferred Laurie and Nigel over any other morning show. And she’s just been on there for so long that I’ll truly miss hearing her voice. Now that pretty much everyone on that station got the boot, I probably won’t be listening to Alice anymore. And with Jack FM gone now as well, I think I just might have to boycott the radio all together!

Kim says:

AMEN! I agree with everything you just stated. And I will mourn the loss of my talk show (I have listened for YEARS) and the loss os Jack FM made a little part of me sob.

Radio had his rock bottom. with all the tech to listen to things they should be working HARDER to engage the locals loyality not booting the people on the raido that already had a local following!

*sighs and plugs in MP3 player*

Debbie says:

I’ll miss Laurie and Nigel, the new guy, “Valentine in the morning “, is terrible. Just another reason to not listen to morning radio anymore. Good luck Laurie.

Irene Turner says:

I have enjoyed Laurie West & Nigel since moving to Fresno 2 years ago. I will now be listening to 98.9 until LW & N return to any other station. I’m sorry but Valentine in the morning made my drive to work boring. Sorry to hear about Adrianna too. :^(

Dion Ramirez says:

I have listened to laurie west & Nigel in the mornings for 3 years and I miss them so much in the mornings.I erased the station from my radio, that new guy don’t know s… I’m so sorry what happened laurie I hope you come soon to another radio station and I will be looking for you Laurie, nigel and adrianna.Macani when your on I do put the station on.

Kate says:

She was not that bad at all. She was AWFUL! I listen to the station, but during the morning weekday hours I tuned out to something else. And as for Nigel, what the heck did he do anyway? The whole show was about her and her ranting and raving about her own personal life…like the listeners gave a crap! Kevin and Bean are back on 104.1, much better show, much better topics. Laurie West gave Fresno a bad name..good riddance to her. May she dwell in the DJ graveyard with all the partners she sent packing over the years….hmmmm wonder what she was doing, or who she knew perhaps that she was able to keep her job THIS LONG!

Chris says:

I’m so glad Laurie is gone. I stopped listening to Alice in the morning because I was so sick of her being self centered and opinionated. Her talk portions of the show were always so long winded. I got the feeling that she just liked to hear her own voice.

morning listener says:

I thought Laurie had one of the most annoying voices in radio, but then again, it was her voice that helped wake me up each morning after each snooze. I miss that, now I just sleep through Valentine. He is soooo monotone.

Jodi says:

I listen to just about every station. I really have no preference due to my scatter brain mentality. But I will just say this, whether you liked her or not it’s a sad line to read when people our excited about someone losing their job. I don’t know her personally and never will but she and many others are now in a situation that, by the sounds of it no one on this comment board are in. You don’t kick someone when their down. If you don’t have anything nice to say just keep it to yourself or share it with the few people in your inner circle that share your opinions. It doesn’t need to be etched on cyberwalls of over expressive people for all to read.

Mone says:

I am so angry that Laurie & Nigel & Adrianna are gone. I have been a listener for over 4 years. Someone could have let all us listeners know. I also tuned in and heard some strangers voice and started checking all the channels looking for Laurie and Nigel but nothing. Someone made a big mistake letting these 3 go. Good Luck Laurie, Nigel & Adrianna You Will Be Missed.:( To all you haters quit being so Hateful!

virgie says:

I was surprised to hear all the not so kind comments about Laurie. I enjoyed listening to her in the morning and miss her laugh and happy spirit.

Maryanne says:

I am so glad Laurie was laid off. She sucked and was always very rude to Nigel. Never let him talk or opinionate himself! Sucks that Nigel had to go but glad Laurie is off!

natalie says:

I am so UPSET that Laurie West and Nigel are gone. I have been listening to them ever since I first moved to Fresno like 3 yrs ago. They were the best!!!! I am not one to listen to talk shows or anything like that on the radio, but they were AWESOME!!! They literally made my mornings. She was so real and I could relate to her in so many ways. I especially loved how she was always very cheerful!!!! I still have hope that I will hear her again-hopefully SOON!!!! I no longer listen to alice 96.7. I hope that clean channel regrets their decision!!!!
I wish you the best of luck Laurie… You were the best ever!!! I will TOTALLY miss mornings without you….Take Care…God Bless

maria bosco says:

don’t listen in the morning anymore, i liked
laurie… don’t like the guy who is on now….

Brian Noe says:

Hey Stephen…what’s up man? This is Brian Noe. I just saw your comments about Dre & I getting let go from FOX Sports 1340. It sucks, but it’s just the nature of the business unfortunately.

I wanted to say thanks for thinking that highly of me. That’s cool to hear. I also wanted to let you know that you can check out a website I recently put together: Hope you dig that too. Take care man. Catch ya later.

Ryan Westenberg says:

I did not know I did not have any balls…I must get a doctor quick…