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Pos-T-Vac: Raising the bar for male enhancement

Move over, EnzytePos-T-Vac has firmly grabbed the top spot for awkward penis commercials. Have you seen this? I promise it’s worth the two minutes of your life:

Let’s ponder the following:
- Guy laying underneath woman on the tire swing and turning her around. Hmmmm.
- “Gentle suction.”
- Ringing endorsements from Guy Who Looks Like Stephen King, Guy Who Has Tried Everything and If You Have a Brain in Your Head Guy.
- Company president who shares a name with a local blogger.
- Putting a vacuum near your junk.

Responses to "Pos-T-Vac: Raising the bar for male enhancement"

Conlan says:


My favorite part: “95% Effective. Guaranteed!” It works most of the time, every time!

“Why take the best part of life out of your life when you can have life with Pos-T-Vac?”

Bino Escobar says:

If the porno music playing during the ad doesn’t get you in the mood, pos-t-vac will, maybe.

ed says:

i just want to say that i in no way need that product, even if the president of the company has the same name.

damn you mike oz. now i must leave an angry phone message or write you a strongly worded letter.

Marisa says:

Are women not supposed to comment on these types of things? No one is more disturbed that the “feminine” commercials out there, so I’m going to…

1st – NICE
2nd – Do these commercials actually convince guys to buy? (I mean, it must or they wouldn’t do it, but…) Clearly these “consumers” have blacked out at 1:08 – cuz if I were to take one look at the “Be all you can be” guy, I’d be changing the channel!!
3rd – Did you start out this post by saying “Firmly Grabbed” ?? HA HA HA!

Mike Oz says:

Yes, yes I did — and thank you for noticing

mdub420 says:

nothing but cheaters out there in the real world. girls getting fake boobs, and guys paying money for fake erections. what ever happened to natural love?

MsJoey says:

I dont know…I’m still diggin the whole “Chubby Santa” version that EnZyte does!

Chase Sanborn says:

My thoughts:

–So now we have DulcoLax, FloMax, and SuckittotheMax. I’d say for guys, it’s as easy as #1, #2 AND #3 !

–Is there EVER an E.D. commercial WITHOUT a tire swing, a train in a tunnel or dual tubs on the edge of a cliff?

–This spot concerns me only because of the dog making a threesome

–Just some long overdue props to Cialis, the Title Sponsor of the Pro Golf Tour: It has straightened out my putter.

Heather says:

I know I’m slow but I don’t get the significance of “Pos-T-Vac.” Does “Pos-T” mean something I just don’t understand? I get the “Vac” part.

Also, I love how much more ghetto this commercial appears because of the sounds made by you recording it while standing in front of your TV. Unintentional genius.

Hugh Jassol says:

The best part is when the bald guy says:
“If you have a brain in your head, dial this 800 number. Why would you take the best part of life, out of your life, when you can have life, in your life?”

Hahahahahaha – that gets me every time I see it!