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When Twitter tells you things you don’t want to know

Yesterday Tweet-hating H-Mac showed me a hilarious Web site called Things You Should Not Twitter. It’s pretty much what you’d guess: People Tweeting about sex, porn and drugs. I thought to myself how, for the most part, my Twitter feed doesn’t give me TMI.

Then this morning, I saw this:


Thanks, Timmy T, thanks a bunch. I’ll let you have One More Try, but if this happens again, I’m blockin’ yer ass.

Responses to "When Twitter tells you things you don’t want to know"

Ernie says:

Rdng Mike Oz’s blog @ wrk. L’ed OL. Thanks Oz

MsJoey says:

That is so sick!

I saw Timmy T at Bobby Salazars last Thursday. I tried to grab my camera to take a pic but he left too quick.
He was with his “Playboy Bunny” girlfriend who in real life looks like she’s 12-years-old which makes this Tweet not only pretty damn disgusting but also completely disrespectful and inappropriate!!

Solitaire says:

Ew!! Inappropriate!

Hilarious though :P

Roopam47 says:

Definitely TMI. @roo47

He is just expressing himself which is pretty much the basis of freedom of speech, democracy, etc.

Whether deemed appropriate or not is simply ones opinion

seems like an easy goin guy who isnt afraid to voice his opinion/thoughts whether it meets ones “scoial boundary” or not

anita says:

wow & who cares what he did?

Chase Sanborn says:

Knowing Timmy, ‘she’ was probably from Tracy and had equine muscle relaxants in her system.



The Fresnan says:

History will show that was the first and last relevant Tweet on Twitter. Time to move on to another Internet social networking thingy. I hear Friendster might make a comeback.

Marcus Reyes says:

So let me get this strait, if Timmys girl looked old and wrinkly, that wouldnt be considered digusting?.OH PLEASE!.I can smell your jealousy from here msjoey. I say Timmys the man.I only wish I gots me a tender young looking Playboy hottie when I’m his age and im 29.You go boy!.All i wanna know is does she have a sister?LOL

MsJoey says:

Yes Marcus, I am sooo jealous. Why would I wanna look like a fully developed voluptuous woman with my own “REAL” parts when I can look like a 12 year old Barbie?!!

You should definately go look for her sister.
Or better yet, wait til Mike posts his Worst Flier of the Week.
You’ll find a skantily clad bimbo in no time!!!!

Chad Miller says:

I agree with Marcus on that one, that msjoey chick is one jealous swine.Ill take a 12 year old looking Barbie any day over an old real sagging woman.No Offense msjoey but I LOVE ME SOME FAKE BOOBIES!

Scott Hensley says:

Did MsJoey say Voluptuous?.Aint that just a codeword for FAT!.Or to be more politcally correct the term nowadays would be “BIG BONED”.In any case no one likes FAT CHICKS.I know I dont.Someone needs to pick up a Maxim Magazine or even a Cosmo and tell me how many Fat Chicks are featured in there.I’d say none.I’m generally speaking for most men.

Marina G. says:

Her boobs arent the only thing thats fake on her skinny little body. shes 90 lbs soaking wet and looks like a plastic doll. shes hot but way to skinny and fake

Mia T says:

OMG! This is totally funny! Lookie what husband I just found today! I cannot believe you people are seriously taking time out to talk about my friend Kat and I. I would expect my husband because of who he is but MOI?? And Kat?? LOL! To whom who took time out to like tell me I looked hot, thank you! To those of you who are expressing their petty opinions on my husband and I…Happy gossiping! We’re having a good time and laughing about this. My friend Kat is super gorgeous so leave her alone “MsJoey”. I scanned the room at Bobby’s and all I saw was a bunch of overweight soccer moms. So shutty. Kat’s lipstick looked great that day. And with the camera lights and such it totally looked brighter than it actually was. Second, I have a name lady. My name is Mia. Say it with me (mee-ya) not “Playboy Bunny” although that was a nice gesture. Rather than to write a super long response go view my Twitter at it will continue where I left off on here saying all I have to say on this topic. Including you “JOE”

Stephen says:


This string is hilarious.

Meeya, I have seen Youahh in publicahh, and I think you are actually quite well put together. Costly project to be certain, but you have worked very hard, been operated on very well, paid for the best in cuts and colors and make-up and nails and own nothing but major label hoochie momma wear.

On the outside, you are certainly qualified to live in 90210, on the OC, or even in the Hills. Inside, there’s still a bit of grammatical and spelling stuff to work on, but I’m certain WetTower could teach you how to use punctuation. Even better, he’ll learn you how to get your point across accurately and only in 14,000 words.

I have also seen MsJoey out in public. While I’ve barely spoken to either of you, I can attest that MsJoey looks pretty dang amazing when she has no make-up on. Her voluminous and voluptuous heaving bosoms are real and they’re spectacular. Her hair is pretty much it’s own color, she doesn’t seem to need contacts to have nice eyes, and I wouldn’t call her fat, although Scott Hensley does.

Scott has that advantage, tho, since all he dates are Maxim models and Megan Fox. Lindsay Lohan MAY actually be at his house right now.

Or at least he gets to stare at those pages, torn right from Maxim itself.

As for me? I’ll continue to adore and admire (from afar…restraining orders and all) those ‘real’ people, inside and out. MsJoey, MILF that she is, qualifies.

Plus, Meeya? MsJoey can take you OUT with one elbow.

PS–I actually like Timmy T’s music. Notsomuch his taste in women, but that’s just me judging someone from the outside. But Meeya? I do think the way you put yourself together works very very well – for Madame Tussaud’s.

Mia T says:

LOL! I see the imfamous Raqueal “Nutso” has come back for more! What don’t you understand? Timmy has moved on. Get a ahold of yourself! As far as my makeup, hair, etc. Thank you very much. I appreciate it. I have definatley put a lot of effort into the way I look. I take pride in myself. Unlike you with you ghetto-fabulous ass. My eyes are natural blue. They are not contacts. That’s about the only thing that’s real on me LMAO! My clothing is designer. If it’s not the best I don’t want it. So the hoochie mamma labels? As if! But from what I hear you love that type of clothing so maybe you should go thru your closet and decide if what you have is worth more than $15. And a restraining order is right (on you that is) you are by far the worst and uglyiest stalker I’ve ever endured. Sit back and watch from afar! That’s the only place your allowed by your parole officer. As far as “MrJoey” is concerned she sure can take me out with one elbow…also squish me!Yay! “MsFat”. Lastly, puncuation! Why don’t you comeover sometime and teach me Raqueal? Even with your poor upbringing, ghetto lifestyle and $8 an hour job you sure can “learn” me a lot! Maybe after our lesson we can be 2 naughty little school girls (you’d be the old one) for Timmy. Oh boy! I cannot wait ;)

Anyone wishing to see what I look like is welcome to visit my Myspace page at anytime. I have nothing to hide and am not ashamed on how I look. Why don’t the rest of you reveal yourselves? Who’s first? Raqueal “Nutso” or “MrJoey”?

Stephen says:

Wow, I’ve been called a lot of things in my day, but never slutty Raquel.

You can click on my name to see my myspace page, Meeya.

I’ve never hid here, and neither has MsJoey, whose name, amazingly, is Joey. And is all woman.

Robert says:

Wow what subject for a blog this is bad comedy lol.

MsJoey says:

Wow. This thread is super funny!

Stephen, thank you so much. I’m blushing and it takes alot to make me blush.

“I can attest that MsJoey looks pretty dang amazing when she has no make-up on. Her voluminous and voluptuous heaving bosoms are real and they’re spectacular”

I officially love you, Stephen. Just dont tell my boyfriend who also appreciates a woman who doesnt need to put a whole lot of effort into looking naturally beautiful.

Yes, I’m all natural. And to quote my 13-year-old daughter, “Make up is for ugly people.”

brodiemash says:

WTF is going on over here?! This thread needs a ROFL-copter like right now!

Willie Browne says:

I see why you’d think MSJOEY has it goin on Stephan. Your an A-1 nerd. You would think that. How long since you been laid brotha? And MSJOEY. Girl please! MILFs are Halle Berry, Heidi Klum, Christie Brinkley, Nicole Ritchie and Jessica Alba. You are not in that catagory. Woman to tell people on here that makeup is for ugly people is crazy. Are you sayin over half the women in the world are ugly because they wear makeup? You trippin girl. Cause I can bet yo ass needs it bad! And for Mia T. Go on girl. I saw ur page and you is bangin. Timmy T is pimpin. To have that tenderoni damn fool I’m hellA jealous! That girl puts me in a daze. She’s beautiful as F***! Keep givin her whateva she wants brotha

Stephen says:


Dude. Nicole Ritchie??!???!