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Fresno, I’m throwing down a challenge

I’m enamored with this Cleveland “tourism” video I found yesterday. Both H-Mac and I had the same reaction: “We should make one for Fresno.” But we’re neither musically nor videoally inclined. (I’m still trying to figure out if I can make a Swede).

Warning: Language NSFW

But I know we got some film geeks in this town. If you make it, I’ll post it. If you want to not make it, but instead laugh at Cleveland … I’m OK with that.

Responses to "Fresno, I’m throwing down a challenge"

Solitaire says:

LMAO!!!! Oh man that’s Hilarious!!!

Conlan says:

Holy crap. That was genius.

But as for Fresno… I thought we were trying to get past the “making fun of ourselves for sucking” and on to the “we’re sucking less and less” style of self-esteem.

wet towel says:

…Bring Will out of retirement to shoot it, pay him a one time scooby-snack (with residuals.)
-before his bus leaves.

boom, done. (who’s got lunch.)

james says:

Hmm…I may have to do one just for Granite Park…

brodiemash says:

Agree with Conlan. People would get all butt hurt if we did a video like this. So maybe that’s why we SHOULD do it! Hmmm… And yes Mike Oz, you CAN make a swede. I BELIEVE IN YOU!

Mike Oz says:

I think it can be funny without being mean … Or at least make fun of the right stuff, as James says.

Heather says:

I think there’s a difference between being self-parodying and simply saying Fresno sucks.

The video would have to be witty, not outright mean.

Conlan says:

Now that I’m thinking about it, if it could made with the right tone (and with the right minds behind it), it could be more of a call to action type of thing. The self-parody can remain, but (theoretically) it could be used to inspire involvement/change/whatever. Like, “look at all these problems we need to address… now let’s address them”. I don’t know, I’m just thinking out loud…

brodiemash says:

What the hell is going on here?! A Beehive comments section going against internet protocol where people are actually coming together to create something positive instead of sh@#ing on each other? I like!

MsJoey says:

Okay I was just thinking the same thing Brodie was thinking….WTF!? We all agree?!

I think this should totally be done by Beehivers and commentors. There are enough clever, smart and witty folks here to really create something special.

Thats just my way of saying, “I want in!”

famous says:

I’ll write the music.

I’m in…we will not cast a single pair of mannequin legs in the video…

We can be tasteful, classy, and make a good point. I think we should do it…

wet towel says:

oh wait,

…I thought Travis said he was in ONLY if they cast a single pair of mannequin legs in the video…
never mind,

my bad…

(still, somebody get Will…
-he knows what he’s doin’ and he’s good, ‘s all I’m sayin.’)

THAT was amazing! Loved it!

blake says:

my fave bit is when they say “he’s the guy who invented Cleveland”—-I would like to see
what folks’d come up with.
Dang, Famous already snagged the music contract. Maybe he’ll let me be a session guy!
(it’d been funny if we still lived in the Bubba era and we got a shot of him coming outta Starbucks…..maybe a line like, ‘here’s the guy who used to be mayor’.)

Israel says:

I’m in to write/help write the song.

Conlan says:

Let’s do this! If no one objects, I’ll take point on compiling the lyrics. I’ve set up a little explanatory page here: But the gist of it is, email your lyrics or ideas or seeds of ideas to conlan [at], and I’ll work on getting them into a cohesive whole, to be approved at a later date, before passing off to the musicians and videographers. Cool?

brodiemash says:

I like where this is going & I’d love to participate at some level. We’ll talk…

LOVE it! and I just might be tone-deaf enough to sing for the part!

There’s gotta be a funny/great line in this somewhere:

I’ve given tours of downtown & cultural arts district to travelers/couchsurfers from different parts of the world (Germany, Amsterdam, France, Italy, Croatia..)and almost all of them are flabbergasted by the amount of old theaters we have! They love it & take tons of photos! Some of them told me they were disappointed when they visited Hollywood and saw nothing like this, only sidewalks with hookers and stars. They expected more from Hollywood and were happy to find those pieces of nostalgia here. They helped my realize how valuable the vintage americana stuff really is!

They LoVe the Chicken Pie Shop & Yoshi Now too…

Oh man, this is a great project. Not sure what I could do, but the way the ideas are going, I think I’d like to be a part of it.
How about something in the direction of the “Authentic” Fresno – the Tower and Downtown vs. the Big Box Riverpark, etc.
I’ve always liked the slogan out of Austin, “Keep Austin Wierd”.

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