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The Greatest Thing You’ll See Today: The R.B.I. Baseball rap

If you’re a fan of 80s baseball players, old-school baseball video games or white rappers, then you’ll love this. It’s a dude named Jack Cracker from Wisconsin rapping over the theme song from R.B.I. Baseball. Warning: Language NSFW.

Many thanks to ex-Bee reporter Jeff Passan — who fits all three categories above — and his Yahoo Sports posse for finding this and sending it over.

Responses to "The Greatest Thing You’ll See Today: The R.B.I. Baseball rap"

brodiemash says:

Chili Davis FTW! That WAS pretty dope. Needed more Canseco, though…

k.Pizzle says:

RBI Baseball = Best Baseball Game Ever


Until Triple Play

kevikev says:

Mike this his sweet! It figures Passan would scoop this up. I too fit all three categories. And yes, I used to dominat all on R.B.I. Baseball. University of Miami RBI champ 1989!

Solitaire says:

OMG Mike!!! You just made my week!!! I LOVE it!!!

Vince says:

I spent so many hours playing that game.

@Brodiemash I agree. Big props for breaking out the Chili Davis.

There are so many great players from that era. It would have blown my mind if he dropped a Carl Yastrzemski into the mix.