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Five Things You Should Do This Weekend …

And break out the shorts, it’s gonna get hot!

1. WELCOME KAT JONES HOME: The wonderful Kat Jones is back in Fresno, playing tonight at Kuppajoe. She’s off in Nashville trying to be a star nowadays, but we still remember her fondly. Sleepover Disaster and others are playing with her. Should be a good show.


2. LOCAL TALENT TRIFECTA: Patrick, Trey and Lance … that’s a nice combo — plus they’re playing for a good cause at a place I’ve never been. Sounds like a good time, doesn’t it?


3. SPRING INTO YOUR BUZZ: See how the northside gets down at Springtini on Saturday night. There’s food, music and, of course, martinis.


4. THROW RICE: Dance party Circa is having a special edition on Sunday — one of its DJs got married and they’re having a big ol’ dance party. Well, they’d be having a big ol’ dance party anyway, but the wedding thing is just extra fun.


5. SKIP THE MULTIPLEX: If you don’t know by now, I don’t know what’s wrong with you. The Fresno Film Festival starts tonight. You got three days of movie options, so find something you dig.


BONUS: Party with me tonight if you like Bobby Brown and don’t wanna pay a cover.


What about you? What are you recommending this weekend?
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Responses to "Five Things You Should Do This Weekend …"

Mike says:

Hey Oz,
That last one…is that the winner of “worst flier of the week”?


Mike Oz says:


And since I’m actually not doing Worst Flier this week, I guess you can call it.

= )

Justa says:

Dance party? Only white people tend to use that term frequently. Almost every party most non-white people have thrown that I have been to has included dancing.Hence why we do not use that term.

Tweed says:

I haven’t done much advertising for it, but anyone who wants to hear some good music for a good cause tomorrow (Saturday)ahould come out to Clovis High School between 5-7 pm to check out King Sugar and Soular Power out on the field. All proceeds (donations) benefit a 10th grade CHS student who was recently diagnosed with cancer. Other family-friendly things are going on, too.

Vintage Days! Food, crafts, music, library tour and StrongeMen . . .