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Beehive Society Page: Grizzlies opening night

Grizzlies baseball is back! I went to Thursday’s game with the Portland Beavers with camera in hand, ready to document the sights of opening night (Fresno lost 6-1, btw).

Here’s what I saw — it’s not exactly a Society Page, it’s more like a mix of funny stuff, cool people and opening night scenes.

Parker does an Evil Knievel entrance then rides around the field.

The backs of the heads of Mayor Ashley Swearengin
and First Dude of Fresno Paul Swearengin.

Ms. Mayor got her own jersey.

The local media hard at work.

Bulldog Bounce blogger FSDogs1 reppin’ his city.

Joe Moore of KFSR and the Downtown Association being downtown.

The Fresnan tried to blog war me.

The Drag Kings did the “Single Ladies” dance.

Recession Nachos

Don’t get hit in the head with a ball.

The greatest mullet in Fresno? Perhaps

Responses to "Beehive Society Page: Grizzlies opening night"

brodiemash says:

I wonder if I could get Canseco to sign one of those “Caution” signs for me. EPIC!

Solitaire says:

Brodie!!! OMG!!! HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!! Oh how I needed that laugh

kevikev says:

Mike, The pictures are good, however Mullet Man (Mr. Canseco) made the experience great!

MsJoey says:


ed says:

hey, i have some video of mayor swearengen’s first pitch, if you’re so inclined to watch that.

mike says:

who cares about the grizzlies! they never win! its a waste of time rooting for a team with nothing on the line. the giants organization doesnt care about wins either, only developing players.

so the only reason to be out there is for chili cheese but i can just get that wienershznitels.

my hard earned money goes to fresno state at least they play to win the WAC.

FSDogs1 says:

Hey, trust me, lots of my hard-earned money goes to Fresno State too. I’m passionate about everything to do with the university and it being the face of our community.

But the Grizzlies’ success and The Chuk’s success as a first-class stadium is right up there in importance, especially when we’re talking the success of revitalizing downtown. That’s HUGE for this city and the whole Valley really. It’s great to make Fresno State a priority, but let’s all do our best to support all things Fresno, north OR south of Shaw. We don’t need to pit ourselves against ourselves. Let’s just make everything about Fresno something to be proud of.

Leroy says:

Grizzlies record so far is 0-2.
Yup the mediocrity continues from last season right where they left off!!! So much for having many starters returning!!
What a joke!

Vince says:

Why didn’t you come up to the control room and take a picture of me?

@mike I care about the Grizzlies! Fresno is lucky to have a professional baseball team. I agree that it is more fun to watch your team win, but if you love the game, you love the game. Do you stop caring when the Bulldogs lose? I stopped caring about all FSU sports a bit when they got rid of wrestling.

By the way, $.25 hot dogs Sunday. So, if you aren’t religious, don’t have a family you want to spend time with, or just plain love baseball, grab some change and come stuff your face.

ed says:

even @ 0-2, i care about the grizzlies. i’m not the biggest baseball fan, but i enjoy taking in a game. and i’m sure the manager and players on the grizzlies would say that they play to win.

you know what i don’t care about? fsu baseball. but, i’m not commenting here to disparage them. especially because this post doesn’t have anything to do with them.

mdub420 says:

Go A’s!!!!