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TONIGHT: If you’re not going to opening day with the Grizzlies …

Four worthwhile things you should consider for some Thursday night entertainment if baseball ain’t your thing:

1. The Fresno Filmmaker Alliance is having its monthly mixer tonight. Go meet some like-minded film folks. And don’t forget to work on your swedes, yo!


2. Critically loved and touring indie rockers The Valley Arena head a nice bill at Club Fred.


3. Comedian Scot Shields comes to town. The slogan tells you everything you need to know: “If you drink, smoke or [love tofu] this show’s for you.”


4. Reggae/rock band Clouded Vision performs and releases its new music video at The Standard — for all you north siders.


Responses to "TONIGHT: If you’re not going to opening day with the Grizzlies …"

brodiemash says:

Filmmakers (nerds) UNITE! And I’m scared of trying new stuff: Can anyone recommend something to eat at Million Elephant? I’m very much a steak & potatoes guy. I’ve only tried the Mongolian Beef and it was delicious!

Bryan Harley says:

Woo, filmmakers alliance!

Though I do love me some baseball…

Vince says:

Pour a little out for me, since I will be working opening day at the stadium. Million Elephant should be great tonight. Next month we will be at Mezcal Bar & Grill.

Go Grizzlies and Giants!

Stephen says:

Scot Shields and his 2 cohorts actually WALKED OUT on the show! They were there, seemed ready, and then came up with some BS excuse and LEFT!

I seriously think the local comics were a bit intimidating to those guys (all the locals did amazingly well, just killed). Next thing I know I’m on-stage and get a note that says “Go long.”

Afterwards, find out these guys who are on a NATIONAL TOUR and drove to Fresno and got a hotel room and were at the gig decided to smash out at the start of my set, leaving Joe and Art, the promoters who busted their heinie, hanging in the wind.

Funny thing? Not one person complained afterwards…so much for the bigtime touring dudes.

I can’t believe they would drive all the way here just to bug out. Weird. Oh, well, it was a great show, look for more from those two promoters.