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South Park > Kanye West

South Park slayed ‘Ye last night. It was a pretty hilarious episode in which Jimmy and Cartman came up with “the funniest joke ever.” Short version: “Do you like fish sticks? Then you must be a gay fish.” Kanye, of course, doesn’t get it and thinks that everybody is calling him gay. Carlos Mencia gets involved along the way and South Park gives it to him good too. My favorite part was Kanye’s crew:


If you think they look a little absurd … well yeah, but it’s also pretty right on:


The whole episode ends with Kanye admitting that he is a gay fish, then going “home.” It gives us this hilarious take on Kanye’s hit single “Heartless.” I can’t wait to see Kanye’s inevitably whiny response.

Responses to "South Park > Kanye West"

brodiemash says:

It’s been a long time since I’ve sat down and watched an episode but damn….this was friggan great. That end sequence, everything with Carlos Mencia, Cartman’s memories. Flame on, indeed!

Mike Oz says:

… And Kanye responds

(thanks, Heather)

Solitaire says:

LMAO!!!! Oh yes I’ve been waiting for someone to go after Kanye and his ego! AWESOME!

bobby says:

think the fact that he’s such a south park fan had to really sting. maybe that’s what he finally needed…

MsJoey says:

I love his response. I LOVED him for so long then he started up with the whole b*tcha$$edness and I turned on him.

I like him again. Almost as much as I like SouthParks version of him.