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Fres-Know: Reminding you to renew your domain subscriptions


R.I.P? — once the “living blueprint of downtown” — appears to have gone the way of Gottschalks. Does this mean downtown is dead? [the site formerly known as Fresno Fusion]

LOSE ONE, GAIN ONE: Fresno Magazine has jumped aboard the blog train with Fresno Mag Blog. Despite the sorta-awkward name and Fresno’s Mag sorta-lame track record, someone over there was smart enough to grab Conlan from This is Conlan to steer the ship. Today he asks, “What’s your favorite thing about Fresno?” [Fresno Mag Blog]

MID-SIZED MOJO: Famous goes to the Crest Theatre for some metal and leaves optimistic. Can the Crest be the mid-sized venue we need? [Fresno Famous]

BETTER WITH BACON: Visalia sh*t-talker Oliver Wrist gives us a cooking demo — bacon/cheddar waffle with eggs over easy. This proves, once again, that every blog is better with bacon. [Nickel Plated Bama]

GET SMART: Dumb Drum has started quizzing its readers with Fresno Foto Friday. (Doesn’t somebody else do something similar?) Regardless — we’re happy to see more cool Fresno flicks on the Interwebs. [Dumb Drum]

TWEETIN’ DIRTY: Ever think it would be cool if Twitter could tell you where all the DUI checkpoints were in town? Well, somebody beat you to it — or at least plans to. Stop drinking and start being more productive! [fresnocheckpts]

GOING GEEK: Did you know there’s a Fresno podcast/vodcast devoted to Nintendo, Apple and Disneyland? Yep, all in one. Check out Geek Miit, which just released its sixth episode and has some pretty sweet productive value. Anybody else wanna see a Dorktown vs. Geek Miit duel? [Geek Miit]

DESIGN SAVVY: Fresno Design Alliance announced results of its 2009 Salary and Price Survey. Meanwhile, the Worst Flier of the Week Graphix Krew has announced it will make your flier for a bottle of Grey Goose and some chicken strips [Fresno Design Alliance]

Responses to "Fres-Know: Reminding you to renew your domain subscriptions"

Nick Ingrao says:

Smart. Very Smart. Good Read OZ.

james says:

I see nothing about the neighborhood south of Sunnyside Golf Club, or about tasting Fresno, or about James Collier. I’m terribly disappointed about this.
On the other hand, there’s some new finds in here. I suppose I’ll survive.

Mike Oz says:

I was hoping Taste Fresno would have those MCC videos up. I would have linked to those. I’ll be looking for the next Fres-Know, though.

james says:

Yeah, we’re kind of lame like that. Still gotta right about the food down yonder, too.
Anyway, I’m just giving you guys a hard time. It’s good to see so much blog activity.

Danielle says:

Considering I left my post as Fresno Mag’s music writer last year, I probably shouldn’t say this, but…I’m sick of blogs that just re-post topics and posts from…OTHER BLOGS. I hope this one doesn’t turn out to be that way. I get enough internet-regurg around here. No offense, Heather.

Danielle, thats too bad. you did a good job. Thanks for the love last year in Fresno Mag!

Heather says:

None taken, Danielle. I’m sure if I’d ever read your blog it would have blown my mind.

Conlan says:

Speaking as the author of the Fresno Mag Blog (and the magazine’s current music writer), I can tell you my goal is to build an entertaining and informative site with original content. That being said, it’s also very important to me to be a good member of the blogging community, so I will also link to stories on the Beehive or the Fresnan or wherever when I think the information will be useful to our readers. Not only is it helpful for readers, but I think it’s also just nice. And with that being said, I welcome all feedback and comments as I continue to build the site, so be sure to let me know what you think. Contact info is on

The Fresnan says:

Good find with the new podcast, Mr. Oz. I feel great shame for not knowing it existed – and Geek Miit is already wining the duel because of that fact alone.

Heather says:

Hey now! I used to spend vast amounts of time talking to Geek Miit guy Paul about Disneyland when we worked together at a certain ad agency.

You already have a fan in me, friend!

Kiel says:

We should turn “that being said” into a drinking game.

Renee N says:

I think it’s vital to good bloggership to link from other pages, if you don’t then how would people be better in the know??

Awesomeness, and I’ll definitely check out Fresno Mag’s blog and try to figure out why that mag continues to snub a certain function I’m fanatical about….

Pauly says:

Thanks Heather!,… Heather and I were on The Island together… with The Others. Let me know your ideas for GeekMiit – I know you have some! ºOº Take care!

Heather says:

Just one: I clicked the “Photos” link on your site expecting to see Disneyland photos and instead I got … uhh … booty shorts.

So, bad for me, good for anyone who likes to see girls’ asses in booty shorts.

I’m sure that doesn’t apply to anyone on this blog, though, right?

Pauly says:

Thank you for the info! Dang picture link wasn’t suppose to be visible. That was for Wii Demo Raving Rabbits Sponsor, for outfit sake (email me if you’d like more info or the sponsor name nice booty shorts;) and BTW I look fantastic in booty shorts!

Bryan Harley says:

Thanks for the plug, Mike! Just wanna make it clear that I didn’t mean to steal The Fresnan’s s#!+ or anything let that. It’s not going to be a weekly guessing game, just hopefully some cool photos.