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Only YOU can bring KISS to Fresno

Rock band KISS announced a cool tour gimmick today — fans are going to route the band’s upcoming U.S. tour through votes at So if you want KISS to come to Fresno, you have to vote.

According to a press release from the band’s people:

No matter where the fans say–from stadiums to cornfields–if there are enough votes, KISS will be there! And in order to keep the competition fair for smaller cities, final site selection will weigh population size versus total votes.

Voting started at Noon today, with a video announcement at So how ’bout we all band together and vote for KISS to play at the big empty lot in front of Cabo Wabo?

Responses to "Only YOU can bring KISS to Fresno"

Ashley says:

I’d love to see KISS again =)

wet towel says:

..Oz… you kiddin? CaboWabo parking lot?
Woodward Park is the place for a Kiss concert, (…don’t even tell the Shakespeare crew, I’m sure they won’t mind.)
–they can be intermission entertainment for ‘slaughter on the sanctuary cement’ or whatever they’re gonna bill it.

(you’re up on all your shots, right?)

booey says:

Where do i sign up to keep the crappiest band ever from tainting Fresno once again, seriously you kiss fans are sad and that band is awful.


What about AC/DC, and other great bands that forgotten about Fresno. How can we bring them her to town ??The Scorpions, Judas Priest, Whitesnake, Def Leppard are just a few to mention that have passed us.

Mike Oz says:

I wrote about this because it’s an actual voting thing that people can participate in and bring the band to Fresno — if enough people vote.

AC/DC isn’t doing something similar on its tour, though I have been watching for Fresno dates from them. I had a good feeling we’d get one on the second leg. But some new California dates were announced the other day, and no Fresno.

I thought this KISS thing was cool because at least they’re looking for community input.

For what it’s worth: Scorpions, Def Leppard and Whitesnake have all been here in recent years.

wet towel says:

…still thinking with the changeover over at JackFM, folks’ll get a better chance of Nugent.

A friend of mine were eating dinner the other night, and she was quite into the band-scene here in the 80′s 90′s and such…
There were HUGE shows done down at Ratcliff and (apparently) the Seland back in the day… (huge.)

Like Loverboy, the Police, Journey, (etc) all at the height of their top selling album/tours
(not just ‘comeback’ or ‘reunion’ shows,
-though some of the openners were on their way up.)

What gets me?
Based upon the the bands, the bill line-ups, and the albums they were touring behind? (their high-water-mark albums) playing here?,
(Police were on their Synchronicity Tour?!)

-clearly Fresno was a front-runner market (and main-stream venue,
-they were pulling and selling out front-line shows that (now) you’ll ONLY see hit L.A. and S.F.

-and this was a decade or two ago, when only three dozen people lived here, and folks talk about the world as we know it ending on Bullard, with Shaw as the North end of town…

Now, with 500thou residents…