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Five Things You Should Do This Weekend …

I could make another post mentioning the Lamb of God show or roller derby, but we’ve talked about those already. Here’s some other great stuff you should consider for this weekend:

1. GET WITH YOUR KIN: Enjoy a night of cool local rock over at Crossroads on Saturday night as Kinship, The Dirty Sanchez, Euphoria and Crush Groove take the stage.


2. HEAD DOWNTOWN PT. 1: I know you’re not the type of Fresnan who needs reasons to go downtown, but even if you were, consider these three: (1) Roger Perry, a Fresno legend is playing. (2) Full Circle Brewing Co. has the most personality of any music venue around here. (3) Beer.


3. HEAD DOWNTOWN PT. 2: We’ll start the Reason-To-Go-Downtown counter over again for Saturday’s show at Milano: (1) MoFo Party Band is phenomenal. (2) DB & The Struggle brings the funk. (3) Milano has pizza. (4) … and beer.


4. SEE THE BEATBOX CIRCUS: What’s a Beatbox Circus exactly? I dunno. But the flier is cool. The DJs are cool. Palomino’s is cool. You’re cool, right? You wouldn’t want to be left out …


5. INDIE GOODNESS: If you haven’t heard, hipster dude, Pinback is playing in Visalia again this weekend. Sunday, to be specific. The show sold out last time. Probably will again. So get tickets in advance, if you’re a diehard.


What are you doing this weekend?

Drop your recommendations/promo in the comments!

Responses to "Five Things You Should Do This Weekend …"

Steve Ryan says:

Headed to Medford, Oregon — then a couple days in Portland Oregon doing nothing but enjoying the green, smog-free atmosphere.

Then coming home to Fresno.

Justa says:

Honestly… besides Pinback nothing on here excites me.

Bryan Harley says:

What if we don’t want to listen to music?

Mike Oz says:

Donald sometimes does a weekend theater thing …

But yeah, I get your point. I usually try to throw at least one non music thing in there … but ya know, it is what’s under name up there.

(pssst! I got a movie post coming up)

ed says:

isn’t mofo playing @ the derby event on the same day? busy dudes.

Marie says:

Very excited to see Mofo and DB at the milano. Who wouldn’t want to eat, drink, and go dancing?

Jenna says:

Sacred Heart Clothing will also be selling merchandise at The Milano. If you haven’t checked out their amazing art pieces, tonight is your chance :)

DB says:

Mofo is playing 2 shows tonight but they’re playing at Milano at 11:00pm. If you’re into Reggae, Ska, and or Funk, you do’nt want to miss this show.