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I Hate You, Mike Oz: Vol. 4

This has been a long time in the making — and I hope it’s worth it. Here is Vol. 4 of the “I Hate You, Mike Oz” series.

Backstory: This is actually more than a year old. I had written a column about the need for mid-size concert venue in town and said the Warnors Theatre, if you took out the seats on the first level, would be like the awesome Warfield in San Francisco. This gentleman was none too pleased with that idea. Notice that he called at 4:40 a.m.

Warning: NSFW

LISTEN: I Hate You, Mike Oz! (mp3)

Responses to "I Hate You, Mike Oz: Vol. 4"

MsJoey says:

Damn Mike!! And I thought I cornered the market on wack-job enemies!!!

What people don’t realize is that ANY attention is better than no attention!!!!

Keep up the good work you little, sh*t!

brodiemash says:


I picture him holding a pitchfork as he left you the message.

Conlan says:

Wow. I wish I could inspire such hillbilly hate.

bradley says:

Regarding the time: he is obviously one of those old guys that wakes up at 3am and is in bed at 7pm after watching fox news.

Regarding his comment: At least he was succinct, and employed alliteration.

Regarding Beehive login, its still fubared.

Heather says:

I know you love these voicemails, Mike Oz, but they make me want to pull off my flip-flop and started beating fools across the head with it. I do not like ignorant, old a**holes being mean to my people.

Chase Sanborn says:

I have a friend at “Forensic Files.”

After a cursory analysis she determined the voice was, indeed, that of Maybelle Selland.

jackson says:

youre a brave man. Has anyone tried to beat you up on the street yet?

These people should thankyou for the free promotional work you do.

ed says:

is the message a year old? or is this guy finally getting around to responding to something you wrote a year ago? or did this guy just read the article? (no wonder newspapers are dying – even older people can’t read them in a timely fashion.)

maybe he just read the article as he bundled his stacks of newspapers with twine for recycling.

Mike Oz says:

Yes, the message is a year old. I knew one day I would have a use for funny messages, so I kept ‘em.

Beth Bridges says:

It’s “for Fresno people” but not you? Aren’t you a Fresno person, too? You’re more Fresno than lots of people (and I sincerely mean that in a good way!)

Do you ever think, maybe one day, there’ll be an “I Hate You Mike Oz” that actually makes sense?

Probably not, probably not…

Steven says:

Oh man. I love this. For all you know, this senior citizen might already be dead! Why is it that senior citizens whose opinions are worthless due to them being senile, feel as if they know more than everyone else? Does anyone really respect the opinions of an old geezer like that guy? What an idiot. He probably doesn’t know how to use the internet that is why he left a voicemail after drinking his morning prune juice.

Whiplash says:

Guys like this are the problem with this town. “It’s for the people”, “It’s about the history”. I’m not even sure what that means.

I always thought owning a venue was about making money, putting people to work, and pulling in entertainment for the city’s population? I must be an idiot.

Fresno is dying for a mid size venue. The Crest downtown is now having rock shows which is awesome, but the Warnors could be THE venue in this town if they’d pull their heads out.