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Responses to "Kathy Griffin makes the F list…"

GeeNee says:

She was so funny last time she was here. We were pretty sure we were going to pee the seats we were laughing so hard!

Can’t wait to see her again. She is actually one of the few acts I’ve paid to see. Funny, funny lady.

Heather says:

“Fun fact: She’s the living, breathing idol of our own Heather McLane.”

Wrong again. You know my idol is Hannah Montana.

I must go to this.

Stephen says:

You mean I might actually be able to lure HMac into a date for something?!??

Cuz I’ve ALREADY got tix (connections, people, connections).

She sold out last time, so I’d get tix quickly when they go on sale April 17.

LC says:

As much as I hate to say it, she was a bit disappointing when she was here last time. Her show was totally canned. I thought it was weird when she made a Kevin Federline joke but missed the opportunity to milk it with the audience. Then I saw the special and it was exactly the show she had used, not one single improvisation or tailoring to her audience. Not like on her realtiy show, where they make it look like she wings it for the specific audience.

Still, I’m not saying I won’t go…

MsJoey says:

I missed her last time she was here!! I really wanna go…..
Stephen, if HMac says no can I be the first runner up?


andy says:

oh hell yeah. im so there.