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Fresno theaters are rockin’ this week …

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Tesla, The Used and Lamb of God — the downtown theater circuit is bout to have a rockin’ week of concerts.

Tesla is playing tonight at Warnors Theatre — and, nope, tickets are not sold out. The band is best known for its work in the late 80s and early 90s, including the hit single “Signs.” Tickets cost $32.50.

Thursday night brings us a date with screamo rockers The Used. The band has been through Fresno previously on the Taste of Chaos and Vans Warped tours. This time The Used is at the Crest Theatre with The Bled, Alesana, Drop Dead Gorgeous and others. Tickets cost $27.


The Crest will also be rockin’ hard on Sunday, as metal band Lamb of God makes a tour stop. Remember them from their opening spot on the Metallica tour? Suicidal Tendencies is also on the bill. Tickets cost $37.50.


It’s not rock, but since we’re on the topic of theaters, I also gotta let you know about the Solid Gold Doo Wop show at Warnors on Sunday. It features 50s and 60s doo wop acts such as The Platters, The Tokens, The Chiffons and more. Tickets cost $35-$55.


Looking ahead a bit: The Tower Theatre is prepping for its night of classic rock tribute acts on April 11 with Gilmour Floyd (Pink Floyd) and Heartbreaker (Led Zeppelin). Tickets cost $29-$39.


As a whole, it’s nice to see these theaters functioning more as the mid-size concert venue Fresno is so thirsty for. Here’s hoping the shows keep coming.

Responses to "Fresno theaters are rockin’ this week …"

Abe Lopez says:

I probably won’t go to any of the shows, but like you said, it’s nice to the theaters being used for cool stuff.

Steve Ryan says:

Abe’s sentiments are exactly why Fresno has the reputation it does. Everyone loves the ‘cool stuff’ that comes here — but NOBODY goes out and DOES the cool stuff — thus the COOL STUFF doesn’t ever come back..

You can’t have your cake and eat it too. If you think it’s cool and got some spare cash, definitely go! This stuff won’t come back if nobody goes!

Abe Lopez says:

Steve. I can and I will.

Michael says:

So Steve by your logic people should go see shows they have no interest in going to so said acts can come back to Fresno?

If that’s the case I’m not going to see the Jonas Brothers and hope everyone follows suite.

GeeNee says:

I’ll be at Tesla tonight singing as loud as possible while remembering the good old days before kids, binge drinking and the ability to stay out all night and still go to work the next day. Not to mention some of the great times I had watching long-haired bands at the Warnors.

Of course it’s cool to see COOL STUFF coming to Fresno. However, I’m not a fan of any COOL STUFF BANDS so how can I be excited and willing to blow my hard earned stimulus dollars on any of it? Should I just do it to support it? Should I go eat at bad restaurants too so that they can stay in business and people who like them can stay happy? Steve Ryan what’s your favorite restaurant so I can go eat at it?

GeeNee says:

Cool stuff comes here all the time. Cause “cool” is subjective.

Steve Ryan says:


No, I think I either wasn’t clear or you misunderstood me.

I said..

If you believe something coming to Fresno is cool, worthwhile, worth paying for, etc.. then YES, by all means YOU SHOULD GO and SPEND THE MONEY on it. That’s how you truly show support because ultimately — if the act makes no money or little money — they don’t come back.

If you believe something coming to Fresno is not cool, not fun, not worthwhile, or otherwise sucks — then by all means, STAY HOME.

I’m all for people doing whatever they want — my point though is — these acts won’t keep coming if people aren’t supporting them and by supporting them — that means PAYING AND GOING, not saying it’s cool but you’ll pass.

That make more sense?

wet towel says:

…um, so like, I heard that Michael Jackson is actually coming to the Save-Mart? (may be a bad April Fools joke, dunno.)

If I take my hard earned money, and set fire to it and run it over with my truck, –will that happen to Michael Jackson too?

oh wait, that’s just voodoo dolls… ‘

-can we just pelt his tour bus with cow crap?

(what?… its’s good for the environment…)

Mike Oz says:

Yeah, that was an April Fool’s joke by B95.

Abe Lopez says:

Let me break down what I said

1) I think concerts can be called “cool stuff”
2) I think that using the old theaters is “nice”
3) I was just agreeing with Mike’s statement “As a whole, it’s nice to see these theaters functioning more as the mid-size concert venue Fresno is so thirsty for.”

Still not sure why you took umbrage to that.

Claire says:

While I love the idea of theaters being used ( and not torn down to make way for a new Dollar ?Tree)… it breaks my heart into a thousand pieces to see the destruction as the result of these “concerts”.