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If you see a blogger on crutches, you better move out the way

I’ve always wanted to have a blog that called out people who don’t know how to park their cars. I’d post pictures of how crappily people park so we could all laugh at them, thus quelling the urge to actually key their car.

Today I encountered an even better calling-out-lame-ass-people blog. It’s called (get ready for this mouthful) People Who Sit In The Disability Seats When I’m Standing On My Crutches. Aside from perhaps the longest blog name, I’ve ever heard, PWSITDSWISOMC also provides us with pictures of the offenders, should you want kick them in the knees:


Responses to "If you see a blogger on crutches, you better move out the way"

Danielle says:

HILARIOUS…also try, if you haven’t already :)

Joan Obra says:

Your photo inspires me to think of other blogs, all based on my eight years of living and riding subways in New York City.

Their titles would be:

“Strangers who can’t resist grabbing you.”

“People who slap each other while fighting over a seat during morning rush hour.”

And “Why women don’t like to ride in the last subway car.”