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Playing a little Fresno catch-up …

Greetings! I’m back in Fresno and back at The Beehive after a week-long jaunt to Boston. As I’ve been catching up with what I missed here in The ‘No, I thought I’d share a few things I found interesting:

  • “Hockey returns to Fresno” is the headline I’ve seen in a few places, talking about the announcement of a new Fresno hockey team — The Fresno Monsters. That name sure is more intimidating than Falcons. And the logo makes me think of energy drinks. Here’s hoping Modesto starts a team called The Aliens and the two play each other.
  • We haven’t talked about Cabo Wabo in a while — but here’s an update: The lawsuit between Fresno developer Milt Barbis and rocker Sammy Hagar has been settled. Unfortch for us, it’s “confidential,” so no new sordid details to laugh at.
  • You probably know this by now, but Fresno made it onto the front of the New York Times again. (People were talking about this even all the way out in Boston). It wasn’t exactly the best news — a look at Fresno homeless camps. FYI, today’s issue of The Bee has some more Fresno homelessness reading too.

  • I’m still not keen on the idea of Jack FM turning into KMJr. I tuned in this weekend, curiosity piqued by the proclamation that on the weekends the station would be playing songs that “have not been played on the radio in the Central Valley in years.” What did I hear? “Eight Days a Week” by The Beatles, “Love & Happiness” by Al Green, “Pretty Woman” by Roy Orbison and stuff like “Louie Louie” and “Do You Love Me (Now That I Can Dance).” Not played in years? Failure.
  • On another note: If you’re ever in the Boston area, be sure to go to Mr. Bartley’s, a Harvard Square burger shack with burgers on the menu such as “The Barack Obama,” “The American Idol,” “The A-Rod” and “The Viagra.” It’s straight up awesomeness.

Responses to "Playing a little Fresno catch-up …"

Bryan Harley says:

They should’ve called ‘em the Fresno Monsters vs. Aliens. Har!

Heather says:

Was this TWSS on purpose? If so, well done, sir.

and “The Viagra.” It’s straight up awesomeness.

Renee N says:

Yummy!!! That hamburger looks amazing!!! :)

bad press.. blech!

wet towel says:

Re: the ‘homelessness’ article in the NYT, (loves me the NYT, that and the NewYorker keep me sane,)
–the information is sorta innacurate.
They make it sound like these ‘tent cities’ and such popped up only a year and a half ago.
-Dude, I’ve been in Fresno for Three and half years,(eyebrows up,)
-and there were tons of folks living on the street by the Pov. back then, (I worked around the corner from the place.)
-I knew the individual who ran the sleeping bag project, and she had direct figures of folks who were sleeping outdoors (homeless) each night in Fresno alone at between 2700 to 3000 and that was in the fall of ’05,
–and there’s a ton more now…

It’s also old news by now, but when with the Bike Clinic at Roeding?
There were at least 3 homeless guys killed that never made the papers (and that was within one season.)

Bino Escobar says:

That hockey player is a monster, he’s got green drool coming out of his mouth.

antimusick says:

the weekend music on KMJ is a Failure but you wanna know what else is a monthly Failure …

the Bee’s “don’t miss it” entertainment guide for the month of April… One it forgot all the local Car Shows like the one coming up in the tower.
Two home entertainment should not even be listed it should be about local venues, shows and events. It failed listing the Art Hop. I am surprised that Yoshi Now was listed and congrats on that but listing release dates for CD’s, DVD’s and TV shows is extremely lame. Release Dates for moves in the theater or events at the tower theater is good. Local Concerts is great too. The Church’s easter event is on the border. I think the Undercurrent does a much better listing for local entertainment and I hope that one day Fresno gets a alternative weekly paper the lists all the movies, events, clubs and shows like the Village Voice Media publishes for all the major entertainment city’s around the country.

come on Mike I know you can do better the weekend section or 7 is a lot better now that it has been in the past.

Mike Oz says:

@ antimusick: The point of the monthly calendar is to mark major entertainment events of the month — this includes local events, CD releases, movie releases, etc. It’s not meant to be a calendar of only local events.