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Yes, another conservative talk radio station is exactly what Fresno needs


Daily listeners of Jack FM have probably already realized the local radio news of the day: Peak Broadcasting has flipped the format of its playing-what-we-want 105.9 FM station and made it into — surprise! — another KMJ.

I guess naming yours truly the dreamiest New Kid on the Block was the end of the line for Jack FM. There was no more credibility to be had.

But seriously, another conservative talk radio station? And furthermore, another KMJ?

KMJr. — that’s what I shall call it from now one — will replay some of the content on its AM version, plus add talk shows from the likes of Glenn Beck, Dave Ramsey and Michael Savage. (See the full program schedule below). On weekends, the station will flip back to music. There’s also a new Web site,, being launched as part of the venture.

Sorry to be a humbug, but I think Fresno has all the KMJ it needs over on the AM dial.

Programming schedule for KMJr., according to the station’s press release:

18 hours of Programming EVERY DAY will originate in California on THE FM KMJ@105.9 The New Initial Lineup on The FM KMJ @ 105-9 is as follows;

5am to 6am – California Ag Net with Roy Isom – A Daily report on the agribusiness in the Central Valley from the resources of

6am to 9am – KMJ’s Fresno Morning News – The Central Valley’s first choice for local news, weather, traffic, and sports comes to The FM KMJ@105-9. Featuring the familiar voices of Ray Appleton, Blake Taylor, Christine Mathias, Bill Woodward, and meteorologist Doug Collins, it’s the only way to start the day.

9am to Noon – Glenn Beck – Glenn Beck is a talk radio and TV personality whose quick wit, candid opinions and engaging personality has helped him attract a devoted following nationwide. It is the third highest-rated national radio talk show among adults ages 25 to 54.

Noon to 3pm – Dave Ramsey – For the first time in the Central Valley, this 3-hour live radio talk show focuses on life, love, and relationships, and how they happen to revolve around money. Given the current economic conditions, there can be no better time to hear this national voice offer life changing financial advice.

3pm to 5pm – Chris Daniel – The FM KMJ is proud to present one of Central California’s most recognizable voices. Chris will be live and local every afternoon to keep you entertained and informed while taking your calls.

5pm to 7pm – NO STATIC SPORTS, ON THE FM KMJ @ 105-9 – with Alexan Balekian. Fresno’s only live and local afternoon drive sports show for people who love sports, and love to have fun talking sports. Hosted by one of Fresno’s most exciting and visible sports personalities.

7pm to 10pm – The Michael Savage Show – Live from the Bay Area, Home of the Savage Nation, this high octane program will set your radio to stun.

10PM to Midnight – The KMJ Replay – A collection of the day’s best local shows by Central California’s most listened to radio personalities. If you missed today’s show from KMJ legend Ray Appleton or tonight’s KMJ-AM 580 highlights from Inga Barks, they are here on The FM KMJ@105-9.

Midnight to 5am – Coming Soon! Live from El-Lay! It’s the Third Shift with John & Jeff.

Every weekend on the FM KMJ will be filled with the songs that made living in Central California special. This special blend of upbeat songs from the 60′s, and 70′s HAVE NOT BEEN PLAYED ON THE RADIO IN THE CENTRAL VALLEY IN YEARS!

The Beach Boys, The Stones, Chicago, The Monkees, and all the POP HITS from the 60′s and 70′s will be on THE FM KMJ@105-9. Take a break from the week and crank up the tunes that made radio famous.

Responses to "Yes, another conservative talk radio station is exactly what Fresno needs"

DLR says:

Well i’m glad Jack FM is out of this town. That’s good enough for me. Before learning that Jack was leaving, I had already replaced it on my dial with KHITS 107.1.

MsJoey says:

This has got to be one of the most ridiculous ideas Peak Broadcasting has gotten. It’s right up there with hiring Nicole to promote the station. We see how well that went!

booey says:

Who the hell listens to regular radio in the age of the i-pod and satelite radio wow who care’s about the local radio staion that play 30 min of comercials and awful music. Kmj Jr good call mike good lord I thought cris daniel was lame when he was just a Howard wanabe with his fake Robin jenn lipp but now he is a glen beck wanabe sad.

Whiplash says:

There’s a reason those songs haven’t been heard on the radio in years.

As far as talk radio goes… we have too many radio “personalities” these days that are nothing but shills for the RNC and DNC. What we need are smart, independent thinkers.

Jamie says:

I love the weekend format…but won’t listen because I don’t want to give ratings to stations that promote intolerance. Beck is quickly becoming my most disliked TV personality, and Savage has always been on my least liked list.

adam says:

Hey, it’s the market. The reason this crap plays is because the dinosaurs that still think the kind of conservatism propagated by KMJ and KMJr. abound in the central valley.

Read the letters to the editor. It’s astounding how many people write in with KMJ-esque talking points.

ed says:

crap. i actually listened to jack fm when in the car, which isn’t that often as i hadn’t even realized it was gone.

and ugh, another freekin conservative talk station.

wet towel says:

huh… that kinda rots.

I mean, Jack could actually throw down a halfway decent set, (and then you’d get thrown too much ‘bonjovi’ or ‘Europe’ or something,)
but all in all, they were stomachable.z
My only complaint was that they’d play the ‘radio-edit’ short forms of songs that were better in album-length format.
…that and the bonjovi.

The StrayCats, Pretenders, ZZ Top show they threw (a year ago?) was excellent…

Now I wonder who this format is going to book for the Save-Mart…?
Rush Limbaugh and the corpse of Charlton Heston? (cold dead hands indeed.)

Play some Motorhead behind it?,
I might just give it a whirl (…for the Motorhead.)

Renee N says:

OMG… this is sad and pathetic. Who do they think listens to the radio??? Seriously… bad bad move!

DeV says:

This is lame. I listened to Jack about half the time, with the other half divided among two or three other stations. It was great when I just wanted to hear some tunes, but wasn’t in a particular “mood.” And I didn’t have to listen to someone yapping. So, they replace it with someone yapping ALL THE TIME. That’s a guarantee that I’ll be listening NONE of the time.

ed says:

couple of things from there new website:

here’s what their goal with the fm station is:
“The FM KMJ will offer a fresh lineup of programs designed to attract a new generation of talk radio� listeners.”

and here’s the line up:
5:00am – 6:00am California Ag Network with Roy Isom
6:00am – 9:00am KMJ Morning News
9:00am – 12:00pm Glenn Beck
12:00pm – 3:00pm Dave Ramsey
3:00pm – 5:00pm Chris Daniel
5:00pm – 7:00pm No Static Sports w/ Alexan Balekian
7:00pm – 10:00pm Michael Savage
10:00pm – 12:00am KMJ Replay the Best of Ray, Chris and Inga
12:00am – 3:00am Best of Glenn Beck
3:00am – 5:00am Best of Dave Ramsey

seriously? this is the line up that’s supposed to attract new, young listeners? i know there are young conservatives, but they’re just offering more of the same. way to innovate.

Stephen says:

Oh, I called. Talked to the Program Director.

He tells me JackFM’s numbers were dropping in the last 6-7 months, and they weren’t selling much advertising on the station.

And, since KMJ is the ad/ratings leader, they thought they’d expand their KMJ brand to FM, and folks who want to be on KMJ can now buy KMJr spots for cheaper!

RIDICULOUS. KMJ sells spots for the ratings and celebrity voices, but also because advertisers are trying to reach old, conservative listeners. KMJ has Ray, Rush, and Fresno State Sports. Those target very specific and rich republican listeners and therefore the ad prices are huge (and they sell).

JackFM reaches a less marketable target audience, and is an FM station…which typically doesn’t sell as well. But it was beloved, not just for the music, but for the clever-as-hell marketing and attitude. Playing what they want – Indeed!

Big corporate station hogs like Clear Channel have a KMJ for the purpose of supporting a JackFM financially so they can continue to compete with the other classic rock stations. Now these blundering idiots are trying to compete with themselves.

Program Director said they were trying to ‘expand the KMJ’ brand. Who are the idiots who are going to a: advertise on the much less-listened to KMJr when KMJ Sr. has all the listeners, and b: listen to an also-ran version of KMJ?

The only thing I can think is folks who are KMJ fans but say, hate Rush or Mikey Savage will maybe turn over to KMJr for a brief respite, but I doubt it.

Renee said it best…this is sad and pathetic.

tremayne says:

I am so frustrated about losing Jack-FM. First Fresno got a radio station with liberal talk programming. That was cool. Those were “my people.” But of course that didn’t fly in this burg.

Then we got Jack-FM. It was kind of hip and played a decent variety of tunes, many of which I hadn’t heard in years.

Now we get another talk station with the same right wing dreck as KMJ AM. Not sure what I’ll listen to in the car now. I’m not into gospel, country, latin or right wing talk.

Sucks, it really does.

pk says:

@stephen…lots of hating from you poor democrat!
@ed…..’couple of things from there new website’
uh…try ‘their’ new website
@Renee……tell us…who listens to the radio…if you have the Arbitron figures we would like to know.
@wet towel….when was Charlton Heston ever on the radio….just wondering….
@adam….news flash…talking points? really? who owns this? the Blackberry President and the mass text alerts… the paper sometime.
@booey…um…I guess the people that can’t AFFORD all those things!

p.s. people, its called a free market…for now….

Jack says:

i was thinking maybe they were doing for the money

ed says:

thanks for the grammar help. care to address the issue i brought up? does the kmj-fm format actually reach out to new listeners? will it attract the next generation of clients?

DLR says:

With music being very available and specialized, talk radio might have more room to grow. I mean, you need to get something live on the air that you can’t just carry around with you.

Jack FM clever and attitude? Give me a break. It’s just satellite radio playing lame hits and too much 80s crap. That’s exactly the problem with music radio today. PLAYING WHAT WE WANT isn’t playing what *I* want so why would *I* listen to what *THEY* want?

And half the time it sounded like the master server from wherever it was coming from was playing low-quality audio files. Poor sound quality!

adam says:

Oh pk, if you even new me, recommending that I read the paper would be a silly thing to suggest.

Funny how defensive you get. If it’s a free market, we should be allowed to avoid patronizing it and even criticize it. Don’t blow a gasket.

I dunno… this looks interesting. Glenn Beck is not exactly “conservative,” at least not mainstream conservative. He certainly does not disgorge RNC talking points.

adam says:

Hahahaha. Glenn Beck isn’t conservative. I love it.

Maybe not, but he’s nuts.

Paul Forbes says:

The facists have taken over the airwaves. Double plus ungood.

Sasha, the Siberian Husky says:

Hmmm, Ksee, KMJ, Fresno Bee & his cousins……. guess if I were to say anything I might not have a chance in……..We LOVE the “NEW” programing and will set all our humans presets to …….this station!
Not that we’re sucking up so we stand a better chance to win something in the future…….Buddy, is he home yet!?! Hurry I can’t keep them on the line much longer….ok back to ordering PIZZA!!!!!
Sasha & her partner in crime, Buddy

Calladus says:

This is exactly why I don’t listen to radio in Fresno anymore. I do all my listening through Pandora, satellite and through podcast downloading.

Peak Broadcasting just isn’t interested in catering to me. They’re much more interested in catering to the local Freeper mentality.

There must be good money in right-wing loonery and hatred.

Danielle says:

I think it really effing sucks. Then again, radio in Fresno sucks, in general, no question. I used to work in radio and have held out this long, but I’m about to make the switch to Sirius. *sigh*

ethics police says:

Regarding Ms Joey’s post:::

I seem to recall hearing several spots with Ms Joey on Jack FM promoting the Roller Grrls. She sure seemed excited to be on the radio… and of course we all see how well that did for the Grrrls.

Probably Peak’s worst idea to put Ms Joey on the air. Or have her at several events.

tp says:

Economics of Fresno Radio—Satellite/Ipods and Keeping it Local

I’m not a blogger but I’ve been reading some of the hype going around about Fresno radio and the recent format changes as it relates to Jack FM and the ‘New� KMJ-FM and even Y101 not being a Top 40 station. No doubt I think we’re all a little confused. So far what I’ve read is a bunch of people complaining about Fresno radio blah, blah, blah.

Here’s the thing, Fresno radio…is it da’ bomb? To some maybe…to others maybe not. Does that mean we should all be running to satellite or Ipods? I would hope not, by listening to Fresno radio or any other local media for that matter and not satellite or an Ipod here’s what happens:
A.) you help support the ratings game (like it or not that’s life in the world of all media) which B.) in turn helps keep people that work at media companies from receptionists to on-air personalities employed and C.) keeps LOCAL businesses thriving because you hear/see/read their advertisements and hopefully shop, dine or whatever at their business.
These components all contribute to helping the local economic circle of life. Which we all know Fresno isn’t doing all that great right now!

In a tough economic climate it really is about getting back to basics. Family, friends, the neighborhood, life’s necessities and yes, free entertainment. With that being said I pose a question. What kind of music do you want to hear on the radio that you’re not currently getting?
Keep in mind Fresno does have some good stations out there in their specific formats. So I ask you, if you could create “KYOU� radio what would it be? Jock’s, No Jock’s, Don’t Care? One station can’t be everything to every person but if it could….What would YOU want?

Quit complaining and speak up, have some fun and just be honest!

Stephen says:

@tp – I think you’re asking too small of a demographic by asking the folks at the Beehive.

For FM stations, I only listened to JackFM. I usually listen to FoxSports 1340. That doesn’t make me a typical listener, nor a typical Fresnan. Clearly the conservative older money-having demographic enjoys KMJ the very most, and they put their money where their mouth is.

I’m not the guy you want to ask about what I want to hear. I don’t place ads on the radio, and even if I’m working with a client, I buy into the best possible radio or tv demo that targets their audience. That might sometimes be JackFM, but often not.

@ethics police: At least Ms Joey posts her real name. And Ms Joey was the only reason I started caring about Smog City in the first place. Now, I have rarely if ever seen Ms Joey, and we aren’t close friends, but it was her on the radio and seeing her at livingstones that made me actually go to my first bout. And I actually AM friends with Karma Kaze, the skater, but I only heard about SCRG from Ms Joey’s voice and rampant enthusiasm.

Having said that, @MsJoey, I don’t know who JackFM had to do their marketing, but from square one (when it was just that voice for like 2 days) to the ‘protests’ at Palm and Shaw against Jack’s candidacy, I think Jack’s marketing was fantastic.

Now you two make up. Gotit!?

tp says:

Stephen-I completely agree that the Beehive forum might be too narrow an audience and demographic to ask but you’ve got to start somewhere, right? I too listened to Jack FM most of the time as did most of my friends, males and females alike. We all are in our 30′s/40′s and make a better than average living. Does that make us not typical either? ha! ha! It offered a variety of music we all grew up with and a sarcasm that was kind of against the grain so to speak. So if the Beehive isn’t the right place to find out what people want what is?

Dave the Wave says:

Isn’t this city sick and tired of Ray Appleton’s smarmy voice yet?

If I ran a talk radio station in Fresno, I’d have a ad that specifically said “Ray Appleton-Free All Day Every Day”


Jay says:

The mainstream media no longer even has the pretense of being neutral. Clearly, they cater to the democrat party. The various hosts on the programs broadcasted on KMJ tell the TRUTH. Some of you may actually benefit from listening to what they have to say. Tune in to AM 580 or FM 105.9 and hear another point of view than the misleading crud on CNN or MSNBC.