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Five Things You Should Do This Weekend …

If you’re able to pull yourself from the TV

1. GET KEEN TO ROBERT EARL: I know it conflicts with derby, but I have to throw some nice words out for Robert Earl Keen, who is performing at the Hanford Fox. Dude is a breath of fresh air amid all the over-produced country music out there. Read more about him here.

2. SAY CHEESE: ClubFlys is celebrating its three-year anniversary of providing us pictures of silly drunk girls and way-too-cool guys. It’s happening over at Marsol, which is trying to ramp up its nightclub-ness.

3. TWIST EVEN LATER: Twist is celebrating that it is now allowed to stay open ’til 2 a.m. (ya know, like Roe, which is about seven feet away) with a cleverly titled Cinderella No More party. Take note: Creativity can get you on “Five Things …”

4. ADD SOME SALSA: Fresno salsa supergroup Kemaya is playing at Starline tonight. So if you’re wearing your dancing shoes and don’t know where to go … I just told you.

5. ROCK WITH ME: Yes, I’m going to cheaply throw my event out there ‘cuz I am not scared of some shameless self promotion. Come jam out to the music I used to listen to in junior high at Palomino’s tonight. Also, if you wish to call mine the Worst Flier of the Week, go for it.

What are your weekend suggestions? Drop ‘em in the comments!

Responses to "Five Things You Should Do This Weekend …"

Kevin B says:

I can’t imagine Disney would be too happy with Twist using their annie liebovitz ad series for a party. Couldn’t they at least crop out the castle?

Frank Esparza says:

Good story about downtown Fresno winners. But I just don’t go downtown. I might try Heros.
Also enter my name for Monster vs Aliens. Perhaps we need a movie house downtown for the free giveaways.



Frank Esparza says:

Second comment still hoping for tickets to Monster vs Aliens


Justa says:

Yo Oz I’m feeling the that Memorex tape.

blake says:

It’s over, so it’s more of a shout out of congratulations than a ‘you should go’ statement:
but the “Laton Live” thing was quite the wonderland of quirky cool.

Live music spread along the mainstreet. Art from some high schoolers set up in a vacant lot. TV screens and video projectors on the side of walls. Linguica sausages being cooked up on the side street.

I’m a big fan of home-grown oddball not-EVEN-Hollywood events….and this definately qualified.
I’m home and I’m still trying to figure this one out. If art’s supposed to make y ou say ‘hmmmmmm’, then this thing was a 101% success.
Also, if one of the goals of this thing was to get people organized to do cool things for their town, then it seemed to this outsider that it was also a big success.

Kudos to all involved. This could’ve (might still?) make a very interesting Beehive post.
Perfect fodder for one of Will’s mini-films.

biz says:

REK (I didn’t go to his show and I know this is after the fact… however,) is playing at The Fillmore this Friday– go Visalia for getting us some bigger-named peeps, that’s what I have to say. Can’t wait for M. Ward in May!