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Stuff We Like: John West, Swede Festival, ArcHop

Soulful singer/songwriter John West is back in Fresno tonight — and once again it’s last-minute style and once again it’s at Palomino’s. Here’s a flier with some details:


Meanwhile, in another always-popular topic around here –here’s some details on the next Fresno Swede Festival. If you want to learn everything there is to know about Swedes, go see festival hosts The Dumb for a tutorial.


Finally, word is that ArcHop, the architectural cousin of ArtHop, is expanding to Visalia. The first South Valley ArcHop event is March 30 at the 210. Keep building, y’all.

Archop 033009 Pcard Front FLAT.JPG
Archop 033009 Pcard Back FLAT copy.jpg

Responses to "Stuff We Like: John West, Swede Festival, ArcHop"

Heather says:

But Mike Oz, there’s nothing to do in Fresno/the Valley.

I refuse to restructure my entire belief system, so instead I will ignore these events and stay home to watch “CSI.”

World as I know it all better now.

brodiemash says:

Thanks for the plug, sir! Maybe this will be the time for an official Beehive sanctioned Swede entry?

Vince says:

Nicely done, Mike. More Beehivers need to represent at the Fresno Swede Festival.

@Heather – Well said. It is a sad mentality shared by far too many in and around the valley.

That being said, get off your couch and go see Suzanne Bertz-Rosa’s new short film at the FAM tomorrow night.

Mr. Incognito says:

I think I’ve seen “H” out two days in a row… Can we get one more day out of you “H”!

Anyway, all these events look cool and I’m going to try to keep my “C” average in check by attending 2 out of 2.

Man, I’m hungry thinking about rolling to get some tacos….

- Cognito

Heather says:

@Vince: Sorry, but “Top Gun” — the most homo-erotic movie ever made — is the Flashback Feature at Edward’s tomorrow night. I love me some pre-crazy Tom Cruise.

@Mr. I: You never know… there may be a third H sighting in the Tower District tonight. I do enjoy John West …

ed says:

fay wrays are playing tonight @ starline, for those of you who are interested in doing something in the tower, but not so interested in john west.

brodiemash says:

@Heather: The films at the FAM will be over at 8pm leaving you plenty of time to mob over to Riverpark to catch all the F-14 goodness.
@Mr. Incognito: Tacos DO sound good….

Kiel says:

They like us! They really like us!

Thanks for the BeeLove.

We’re pretty excited to be spreading archop to the Tulare/Kings County area. Visalia has a downtown that all Fresnans should experience. Improving our built environment is the goal of archop. And that has to e a regional effort.

The TKC archop is being spearheaded by one of my colleagues, Michael Pinheiro. While talented and committed to the community in his own right, he’s also a cousin of music promoter, Aaron Gomes. Let’s see if awesome Visalia events run in the family.

Ooh, I can’t wait till the next Swede Fest. A great chance for some surreal and FUNNY inspiration!