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A St. Patrick’s Day conundrum

This was too late for our Guide to St. Patrick’s Day — but look at this thing for a second, would ya? Just look at it.


What do (1) A woman covered in leaves, (2) A wet T-shirt contest and (3) madori [sic] sours have to do with St. Patrick’s Day?

Furthermore, who the f*%# cares about a neon green bracelet? Is your audience a bunch of 3-year-olds?

Responses to "A St. Patrick’s Day conundrum"

Chris says:

well. not that i have any qualms whatsoever about a wet Tshirt contest, but I do see your point. Shouldn’t they have done that on Mardi Gras?

And I actually have a neon green bracelet. It really complements my wardrobe… :P

I want Irish Car Bombs. NOW.

...towel says:

…apparently the fine folks at Thaiphoon have mistaken common crawling ivy with shamrocks…

(I’m just glad they’ve safely made the mistake here in Fresno where there’s no ‘Poison Ivy’
-cause ain’t no ammount of calamine lotion be able to help that young lady…)

mdub420 says:

if anybody goes to this, please take some pictures of the wet t-shirt contest and post a link. thanks.

Heather says:

Leaves are green! Madori (sic) is green! Wet t-shirts are … kinda trashy.

MsJoey says:

Awww. This is just sad.
Dus enyone spell chek enymor?

DChild says:

Uh…only KINDA trashy Heather? That’s awesome, then I must be only KINDA ugly in your book – love this scoring system!

Buddy says:

I’m just here to check for tickets to the show for my human…..but since I’m here…I think she’s definitely TV material, as in C.S.I.corpse!
Buddy, Sasha’s pet

Poplord says:

Mike, just shake your fist at ‘em and tell ‘em to get off your lawn!

jenthao says:

I know the owner, great feedbacks, i guess