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Halle Berry running from the press

Halle Berry gets to play six very different and interesting parts in “Cloud Atlas” but the most intriguing is her portrayal of a ‘70s reporter living in San Francisco. Considering the problem Berry has with paparazzi in the United States, this is a little like a sheep dressing in wolves clothing.

Berry has been trying to convince the judge in her custody case with Gabriel Aubry that it would be in the best interest of their 4-year-old daughter for Berry to move and take her to France so the youngster wouldn’t be so hounded by the press.

There’s a chance the judge could make a ruling at anytime but when we sat down for an early morning chat, the decision was still in the air.

Berry gets very emotional when she talks about how the media treats her child.

“Who cares what a 4-year-old is wearing?,” Berry says. “We are in a time now where I’m actually having to fight to leave the country I love because I’m unable to provide a private, secure, safe place for my daughter to grow. I think journalism has a place in our society — especially good journalism — but I think we’ve also become a society that focuses on little children and what kids are wearing.

“That’s a hard pill for me to swallow because there are so many more important things to write about.”

Responses to "Halle Berry running from the press"

pk says:

And yet so many other ‘stars’ have found a way to do the same without leaving the country…move to Colorado, or Fresno! Or up to the mountains….really….France?!

CL says:

If I remember correctly, there are actually laws that protect them in France.
If I were Berry, I’d be running away too.
Other stars put up with it….but I can imagine how scary it would be to have ( often questionable) people taking pictures of my kid. Face it…if you were at a park and someone you don’t know was taking pictures of your kid with a high powered lens you’d be all over them like white on rice.
And then there are the comments made…. as if we have the right to judge a child based off appearance/clothing/shoes/toys….
More power to her… I hope her request is granted.

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