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Adam Carolla’s morning show gets the ax

Word is that the Adam Carolla morning radio show — which is broadcast out of L.A. and piped into Fresno — has been canceled. The details are still a bit sketchy and I’m not sure what 104.1 (that’s KFRR, FM, if you’re keeping track of such things) will do to replace it.


I’m actually somewhat of a radio station flipper in the morning — going back and forth between numerous stations, looking for something interesting. I recently started listening to Corolla a little more and he’s grown on me. Too bad he’s gonna be gone now. I liked when he has Joel McHale on. One less station to flip, I suppose.

Responses to "Adam Carolla’s morning show gets the ax"

james says:

This makes me sad. Then again, after next week, I won’t be driving to an office in the morning, so I probably would have missed it, but I enjoy Adam’s style.

Michael says:

Damn that sucks. He was a bit of a blowhard, but still was funny. But yeah the best part was when he had Joel on. That’s actually how I first heard of The Soup, was through AC.

Obviously this is a ratings thing. I wonder how the local morning shows are doing?

John says:

As a guy who is frequently stuck in a car early in the morning, this news, sucks. Damn…

brodiemash says:

Damn, that sucks. Adam Carolla was pretty damn funny and it was awesome that we had it here in town. But now I wonder: Will they bring Kevin & Bean back here to Fresno? ‘Cause they were pretty good, too.

adam says:

I hated that guy. He’s a douche.

Mario says:

Adam Corolla was funny some of the times but he got kinda of annoying…i just hope they bring back Kevin & Bean now that was a funny morning show

billh says:

Carolla can be compared to SNL. He was funny about half the time. The rest of the time he was boring or worse yet, like a bad SNL skit that comes on with 10 minutes before the show ends, he would just drone on and on hammering some lame bit. Pop over to Bob and Tom and listen to penis jokes or the local morning show where the woman spends half the time laughing at her own jokes.
Thank God of Sirius. Now if they can only stay in business.

Renee N says:

I stopped listening to the radio in the morning commute when they axed the Morning Show on KRZR… Freak news in the morning and the tales of Dingo Boy will forever be a fond memory!

Anthony says:

I stopped listening to that station in the morning when they replaced Kevin and Bean with that dude. He’s okay in small doses but I couldn’t do it for the whole morning. I listen to the blaze right now. It’s pretty funny most of the time and they’ve got freak news.

Michael says:

Renee, not sure if you know or not, but Jen Lipp is now on 105.9 The Blaze and she revived the Freak News there. But it’s not the same, mostly cause Rick Roddam is her co-host. And weird enough AC was the voice of Dingo Boy.

John says:

OK, since we’re all rhapsodizing about morning radio, I’ll take it all the way and say it hasn’t been the same since KKDJ’s Dean and Don called it quits. If you’re too young to remember them, that’s a shame…

mdub420 says:

yeah, seems like radio stations are putting the ax to a lot of shows. i like sports, and foxsports cut Andre Convington’s show and Brian Noe’s show out of the blue. the last I heard from Dre was that we will discuss the AFC and NFC Championships next week, and i tune in next week, then the following week, and he wasn’t on. Same with Brian Noe.

Brian Noe turned up on “the first dude’s” morning show on 1430 Monday morning. I hope they give him a show. The first dude and kelly carr suck. make the right move 1430, give brian noe a show.

Renee N says:

I know Jen Lipp is on the Blaze… but it isn’t the same. Where are the Mr. Bunny stories? ::sigh::

Stephen says:

Mdub, I was really shocked when Brian Noe wasn’t on The Real Deal…I kept thinking he was on vacation or something, and Rick hadn’t reported he or Andre being taken off (I also like Andre, but didn’t have a chance to listen as much).

However, I love the Petros and Money show a LOT. Still, Brian Noe needs a radio show (with a co-host, he’s better working off someone). I see Brian going national soon, and I hope we get another crack at him.

And no matter how much I like Kelly Carr as a person, whoo, boy, his show is not good at all.

Debi says:

WOO HOO It’s about time. Adam is such a tool.

Time to bring back Kevin & Bean or Mark & Brian!!!

zune towel says:

This is like greek or something to me…
…only morning shows I bother with anymore are (occasionally) Kristina Herrick on KVPR, and whatever Joe and the folks have cooking on over at KFSR… rest of it? just not funny…
(and in truth, I’m mostly on my Zune anymore… the radio’s feeling a bit foreign…

Chris says:

call me wacky, but I’ve never really been a fan of morning shows at all. That is when I am awake to hear one. Most of the time it’s just mindless droning about a whole lot of nothing. Occasionally it comes off as funny, but as I am usually grumpy in the morning, this humor is wasted on me.

Nigel says:

Bummer! I like Adam Corolla! Hopefully he goes back to love line. That show needs more corolla.

very funny says:

what’s radio?

Michael says:

I hear ya on no Mr. Bunny Renee. And yeah it isn’t the same. Jen is co-hosting with Roddam and Chris Daniel is on KMJ. Sure signs of the Apocalypse.

Erin D. says:

The station in LA that Corolla works for–KLSX, also home to Tom Leykis who used to play on The Edge 105.9 a few years ago–is flipping formats tomorrow to Top-40…the station wasn’t making money for CBS.

Paul says:

LA Times had this on its blog:

“UPDATE 02/19: Carolla announced Thursday morning on 97.1 that he would start podcasting “The Adam Carolla Show” beginning Monday at”

Story Link:

bulldog77 says:

I dont wana call people names but my god mark& brian what is wrong with you their is a reason they paid Stern 500 mill cause he is worth it .

SamEyeAm says:

Fear not, fans of TACS. Not only is he podcasting still, as Paul pointed out, but CBS just picked up a tv show starring the Ace man himself. Sweet!

nikky says:

adam and teresa and brian made my mornings, its going to be really hard going to work and getting ready in the morning without listening to them, i really dont know why they would cancel him for hip hop, i just dont get it, he had a view and opinon like i think all of america has but no one says it, he will be truly missed, i thought him and teresa and bald brian were wonderful and their magic wont be forgotten.