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I Hate You, Mike Oz!

I love the angry voicemails I get. Mainly because people tend to unload when they know I can’t talk back to them.

For example, this voicemail I got the other day about my recent “Deranged about DTV” column. Now, this person never actually says “I hate you” — but does call me plenty of other names.

The call starts by asking if I have the guts to listen to the whole thing. Sure I do. Too bad the caller didn’t have the guts to leave a name. I shall ask the same to you: Do you have the guts to listen to this?

LISTEN: I Hate You, Mike Oz! (mp3)

Responses to "I Hate You, Mike Oz!"

brodiemash says:

I will be using the word “twit” this weekend, in honor (dishonor?) of you, sir. Oh, and please keep these coming.

bradley says:

yeah mike, you misfortunate twit, get a life.

Michael says:

Does this guy even know what he’s talking about or does he just imagine he’s a champion of the people even though he probably doesn’t do anything?

Screw what he says, nothing says you are doing your job better then when people hate you.

nlbelardes says:

Saw this link on twitter. Reminded me of when I worked at a TV station and was getting weird DTV related calls. I remember one guy came into ABC23 and for some reason the secretary came and got me to deal with the guy. He thought there was some kind of government conspiracy going on (heck, maybe there is) and wanted to yell at the TV station about it.

I listened to him rant for a while and finally interrupted him because I was so busy. I asked him to put it in a letter and send to the DTV people and his area representative. I had a lot of work to do!

Brock says:

Wait, I’m confused. Are you a “little” twit or do you need to get back to the gym?

Thanks for the afternoon comedy, Mike. Classic.

will says:

hahaha … “youre the reason the fresno bee pretty much sucks.” yup. classic.

Beth Bridges says:

Why is he so mad about this? Why? Why? And why is he being so personal?

Um, who needs a life more? You (according to some random guy) or the guy who spent time thinking (obviously) about what he was going to say.

Michael is right. You’re doing a great job when you can elicit controversy over something like this!

minal says:

that guy bored me.

Marisa says:

It would seem to me the people without a life would spend all day getting upset at the wrong people for the dumbest things and then take the time to call up said wrong person and let them know how they feel.

But you of course should go to the gym! HA! Judging by his packed schedule and the slight reverb on the phone, he probably called from his cell because he was on the treadmill.

Good laughs, but ultimately makes me scared of the general population who just don’t get it.

MsJoey says:

This is the best thing ever!!!!!!!
I tried to start a Myspace for people who hate me but no one caught on!
Keep up the good work you little twit!
And get back to that Gameboy! (do they make those anymore?)

Layne says:

Well, he’s no Christian Bale.

Mike Oz says:

@Layne: niiiiice.

@msjoey: Well, I do got a Nintendo DS.

@Marisa: You should hear some of the other stuff I got. This is just most timely.

@Minal: You have such high standards … geez.

@BethBridge and @Michael: Oh yeah, reaction is the name of the game. I should point out that the positive comments far outweighed the negative on this issue.

Speaking of which, the positive comments should go to the gym!

Tracy says:

The voice almost sounded like John Malkovich lol.

Diablo says:

I quote bugs bunny, “what a nin com POOP!”

kevikev says:

oh snap, he really put you in your place mikee. Some folks need a life. I hope his coverter box fails!

Stephen says:

Hey, Mikee…if you’d only stop living with your gorgeous wife and stop over-working and having your writing output put most reporters to shame and stop serving your community, you twit, you might just…wait. What was the rant about?

You never said anything about poor people not getting help with their DTV. You did, however, comment on how DTV gets more airtime than Jessica Simpson’s weight gain. And you asked the fair question about the DTV bail-out, which was well answered on here.

So what was the rant about? Oh, yeah, I remember. Stop playing so many video games!

And here’s a rant from me: STOP doing so much with your life at such a young age. You’re making people like me look stupid and lazy!*

*okay, I do that all on my own, but you make me look worse, showoff! Er, I mean, twit.

Conlan says:

If you hate me, please go to

Also, all the coolest people are hated in their own time. Like Hitler! OK, that’s not a good example. But how about Vlad the Impaler? He was a guy, right? I don’t know, but you know? Beehive posts is fun. Live and learn, I guess. And hate.

k.Pizzle says:

I Enjoy Mikes Write Ups & Opinions.

Chase Sanborn says:

Okay, I’m sorry I left that v-mail.


mdub420 says:

all the poor people need to step their game up ya heard meh?

nah, that was an interesting call. the guy pretty much FAILED at the beginning when he said you live at home with mommy and daddy. when a person’s rant starts off like that, they pretty much have nothing good to say.

ed says:


i agree with stephen.

Elizabeth says:

He used my most favorite flawed arguement, Ad hominem!

Jeffresno says:

Mike Oz, turnin’ hate into art since the early ’00s.

The Fresnan says:

Ahhh! Awesome post, Miiikeyy. Dammit if I could only get people to call, talk sh#t to me and provide content for my podcast.

urbnbeutee says:

…GROSS….and kinda creepy!

Sasha, the Siberian Husky says:

Mr. Oz,
I believe that your “friend” has a great need for an “attitude adjustment” via his anal orafice. Perhaps a personal visit from my ward Buddy is necessary. I’m positive he would love to enable said friend with the ability to sing falsetto in the local glee club. Let us know, wait, Buddy just said he no longer adjusts attitudes with negative IQ numbers, something about not wanting to be accused of ignoranticide, “ass”ault and if you just let them be they eventually self destruct.
“A brain is a terrible thing to waste”. sounds like mr. voicemail already is “wasted”.

Paul says:

What the heck? First Soulja Boy and Bow Wow. Then Rick Ross and 50 Cent. Now Oz vs. ? Does anyone really know somebody who will be affected by this switch at this point? For as much as Fresno gets talked down about, the caller needs to acquire some common sense. Fresno isn’t some third world country. For the majority of people who actually have jobs like Oz does, making sure you can still watch tv isn’t going to force you into bankruptcy.

I guess shopping at the 99 cent store is out of the question too because of their outrageous prices. In the words of John Stossel, “Give me a break.” Quit whining. If the other hundreds of millions of Americans can have their tv ready, why can’t the caller? Just truly shameful.

blake says:

That first line by Marissa was very on target.

You see the same thing in the ‘letters to the editor’.
It takes some extreme amount of anger or something to get someone motivated enough to comment/write a letter, and then that anger bludgeons any point they may have had –i.e. that there are people who can’t afford a converter box.

p.s. my mommy bought mine. I’m such a twit. Ha!
(actually she was so worried that I’d let it go until after the due date…she was probably right.)

Mr. Incognito says:

“Go on to playing GameBoy and go on to get a life”… wait a second!

Look man, I consider you a friend, I mean you’re guy that keeps it real and I can admire that without doubt. There are a couple things which stick out to me about the message which you were left.

First, the message itself was marginal at best, anger, mixed with a soft tone only made for a less than stellar call. I mean this bumblecot had his chance, his ala NCAA Basketball Tournament “One Shining Moment” and he turned the ball over with a 1:28 left on the clock! I never new that television mattered so much? If people can’t afford an adaptor, I can only imagine that they aren’t too concerned with watching the evening news or something.

The second part that had me sitting here like a little kid waiting for Saturday morning cartoons was the graphical display on my Windows Media Player. I mean the colors were amazing as the tones of dullness rang through my speakers.

In the end, I think that was the best minute and a half I’ve had in quite a while… (Awkward)…

I wish people would just man up sometimes, it only brings more flavor to situations such as this one. I mean if he had given his name, perhaps we all could have rolled up to his trailer and called him out to fight behind the buses after work or something.

Thanks for passing the love along to us brudda… That dude did say Gameboy right?

kent says:

Hey, wait just a gol’ durn minute. What about the rest of us twits who make the Fresno Bee suck? Why do YOU get all the credit?????

Vince says:

I would think that something like television is a privilege and not a right. Don’t get me wrong, I empathize with the “misfortuned,” but DTV has been coming at them, as well as everybody else since 1999, I think.

I may be wrong, but I’m sure they can get some entertainment value from the PS3s and XBOX360s that are attached to the TV. It just seems that some of the “misfortuned” spend their money in the wrong places. For the rest, are they really going to miss “Murder, She Wrote” that much?

Joe says:

Is that Woody Allen?