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2008: The Beehive Year in Review

On this, the last day of the year, we’ll look back at the year that was at The Beehive, thanks to some nifty stats from our Web staff. You can see our most commented posts, most viewed posts and top commenters. Enjoy!


# of posts: 2,041 | #of comments: 12,234

1. Beehive PSA: We’re giving away Big Fresno Fair concert tickets
2. OPEN THREAD: Election Day 2008
3. Show of hands — who actually thinks Frank Caliendo is funny?
4. Where does Fresno State/Wisconsin rank?
5. OK, Fresno, let’s not get too carried away …
6. A night at the Met, Part II: too crazy?
7. Blogging the Oscars
8. Calling all the Swede-loving Swedes in Swedeville
9. What the heck is going on at Cabo Wabo?!?
10. Fresno Wabo: Trouble in Wabodise

1. Fres-Know: It’s what’s for lunch. Mmmmm.
2. Do you promise to tell the truth, the whole truth?
3. Keep your kids away from YouTube … and Mariah Carey songs
4. Dear Taylor Swift, I’m sorry …
5. Cabo Wabo: Pics and first impressions
6. Heidi Watney: Homewrecker? Or Clean-Up Hitter?
7. Oscars fashion blog: What’s black and white and red all over?
8. Naked women showering on the streets of Fresno
9. THEATER REVIEW: ‘Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat’
10. Something happy

1. Michael
2. Adam
3. Ms. Joey
4. Wet Towel (or whatever)
5. ed
6. Stephen
7. mdub420
8. Travis Sheridan
9. brodiemash
10. blake

Thanks to all who made The Beehive an awesome place in 2008.
Here’s hoping 2009 is like nine times more awesome.

Responses to "2008: The Beehive Year in Review"

mdub420 says:

Happy New Years eerbody!!! I’m fitting to get mine in 2009 ya heard meh?!!

had a lot of fun and killed alot of time at the beehive this year!! and added alot of lame useless comments..suuuweeet!

Renee N says:

Happy New Year BeeHive!!! I can’t wait for the awesomeness to come in 2009!!!

Bryan Harley says:


Happy New Year everyone!

will says:

it may just be me, but i’d expect a headline like “naked women showering on the streets of fresno” to at least make its way in the top 5. maybe it should have said “heidi watney …”

lesson learned :)

adam says:

Happy New Year all! Be safe tonight and watch out for the fog.

dave says:

11. dave

Happy New Year to all and to all a good nite

(see you at club bliss)

MsJoey says:

I am SOOOO aiming for #1 in 2009!!

Thank you Beehive for making my mundane office job and dealing with criminals totally worthwhile!!!


Michael says:

Definitely wanna wish everyone a Happy New Years and wanted to thank the Beehive for just being plan f’ing awesome in 2008.

And Joey you can try to topple me from my #1 position, but I don’t think you will. Buy you can try. :P

Aileen says:

Hey, I’m just happy the Hive exists! I’ll continue to enjoy the distractions. Happy New Year!

ed says:

is it calendar year or anniversary to anniversary? i’d hate to think all the work i’ve been putting in lately is for naught.

Mike Oz says:

2008, the calendar year.

MsJoey says:

OOOOHHHH! *WARNING* Shameless promotional idea!

Next years Beehive bday swag should be 2010 calendars!!
Each month should be a pic of the top 12 commentors on the hive!

jet lagged towel says:

From the land of the people who drive at 70mph in stuff you can’t SEE in?
-The Pilots of Air Mesa/US Air who flew out over the broad expanse of the SanJoaquin valley, looking like a forever bowl of curdled milk, –only to dive down into this stuff (instead of diverting to Monterey,) actually LANDING SMOOTHLY at FAT, –only to crash into a taco truck on the taxiway…
(just kidding,)
-though some schmuck getting arrested on the flight from Phoenix to Newark was the entertainment on Christmas


Some TSA dweeb stole one of the wrapped slices of ‘Jersey Pizza I had in my luggage today, after leaving a ‘we had to check your luggage’ note… (grumble.)

Happy 2009, Fresburgh…

Vince says:

2008 was the “Year of the Blog” for me. I never really got into it, or knew exactly what it was until this year. I dabble a bit for my movie, Beaten Path.
But between the Beehive and The Dumb Drum, I kept myself entertained and informed, while waiting for video to render.

blake says:

dang, I can see growing a little lax during Christmas Vacation has dropped me to the bottom of the ….

blake says:


I must think of some cheesey way to …

blake says:

up my count.

(Happy New Year posters and commenters in Beehive Land!
May 2009 bring you peace and joy.)