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A challenge to Bob Specht, Letter to the Editor writer …

Congratulations to Bob Specht of Fresno. On Nov. 21, you took a giant step toward going into the Bad Letters to the Editor Hall of Fame* with these confusing and downright ignorant 181 words:


All challenge to gamers

Congratulations to the computer video gamers of the United States of America. On Nov. 4, you took a giant step toward leading the country, for the first time, by electing Barack Obama president of our country.

You are now responsible for the job that our forefathers, patriots and soldiers of this nation’s past so diligently handled, to prevent the United States from moving toward a socialist republic.

If you have not learned, paid attention or possibly never been taught this nation’s true history lessons in school, it is now up to you to find these truths, by becoming political watchdogs. The “I’d rather be playing video games” attitude will be the ruination of the country, if you don’t pay close attention to the real national and world politics.

Just knowing how to turn on a computer and playing electronic games is not educational literacy within itself. You must now use and apply your brains for far greater things. God help us if you don’t figure it out before it is too late for all of us.

Bob Specht

Wow, Bob. So are you saying that everybody who voted for Obama plays video games? Or are you saying there are now two parties — the computer gamers and the bridge players? Or are you just one of the those out-of-touch dudes who thinks any electronic device that’s not a TV and a VCR is a “computer video game.” Do you say things like “You dang kids, with your dang MTV and your dang video games! Get off my lawn!”? I’m thinking you do.

*Shout out to Beehive reader Adam whose blog is the Bad Letter to the Editor hall of fame. He already let Bob have it too.

Responses to "A challenge to Bob Specht, Letter to the Editor writer …"

brodiemash says:

Definitely a closet World Of Warcraft’er

Michael says:

If he is a WoW player, I wonder what guild he’s on?

Cause I’m looking to join one.

Seriously what is this guy babbling about?

Dear Bob,
We don’t know each other, but you’re obviously of an older generation. I don’t play video games, but I fit within the demographic you aim at, and I voted Obama.
Perhaps you haven’t figured out the progression/transfer of thought from one generation to the next. But if I or any of my generation have mistaken video gaming for literacy, I personally place the blame on you. We didn’t create video games, MTV or the Internet, nor did we create our learning environment – at least for the first few years of life. That was in your hands. And it’s your generation(s) that many of us rebel against (at least in spirit).
Of course, I can understand your angst with our newly-elected (socialist, right?) leader. I’d hate to think that he could upset the great work that “our forefathers, patriots and soldiers of this nation’s past so diligently handled.” Because that’s holding up incredibly well…
Now, where’s my Wii nunchuck?

Chase Sanborn says:

Alas, see what happens when cousins marry?

adam says:

Hey, thanks for the linkage.

Part of me truly believes this man and his opinion exists and part of me truly wants to believe that someone out there is a genius of a parody letter writer.

Heather says:

Bob’s only hope now is to suffer a severe paper cut while writing out his next ridiculous and hateful letter and bleed out before Obama takes office. Otherwise, Space Invaders wins.

Clare says:

Three words:

“Git ‘er done.”

Robert Schultz says:

Oh snaps, he got pwned.

couchlock says:

Just make an educational video game about politics and I think Bob would be satisfied.

Heather says:

Couchlock, I’m willing to bet Bob Specht is never satisfied.

mdub420 says:

i’d love to smoke a joint with Bob.

rat towel says:

…we’re a socialist nation now?
-yer kidding, right?
(I really don’t want to share my hotwheels with anyone…)
please tell me we’re nt a socialst nation..

mdub420 says:

you’re right, a joint doesn’t sound too good. A blunt will be much better.

Stephen says:

To me, Bob Specht is prescient and knowledgable. I appreciate what he’s saying.

Obama is clearly a socialist, and we’re heading that way.

Which will be a FAR cry better than that fascist Bush!*

(See, Bob, I can make crazy grandiose analogy statements also).