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Five Things You Should Do This Weekend …

If you’d rather wait a week for the Cabo Wabo rush to die down …

1. Roll a strike with Let’s Go Bowling. Fresno’s foremost ska gods don’t play every week, ya know. So when they do — like Saturday night at Club Fred — you shouldn’t miss it.


2. Dance with Donald Glaude. He’s a big name in the dance music scene and tonight he’s doing his thing at Aqua Shi.


3. Re-create Michael Jackson videos in the streets of the Tower District in honor of the King of Pop’s 50th birthday. I’m not making this up. Joan Obra has the details.

4. Try to get on Deal or No Deal. There are tryouts 10 a.m.-2 p.m. Saturday at Tachi Palace in Lemoore. If you don’t make it, the next best thing is taking The Beehive’s Who has the creepiest bald head in Hollywood?” poll.

5. Be a Lush. It’s Sunday of a three-day weekend, which means it’s Saturday all over again. And Lush’s holiday weekend parties are always hits.


What are you doing this weekend? Add on your own suggestions …

Responses to "Five Things You Should Do This Weekend …"

MsJoey says:

I cant wait for LGB!! I love these guys. Get there early because they pack the place EVERY TIME! You dont wanna get stuck standing with the smokers outside of Club Fred. Plus if you dont go, you may never know what it looks like to Skank!

Ray Arthur says:

Just caught the free style concert at the Rotary Amphitheatre at Woodward Park. Pretty good concert although not well attended. Apparently everyone Stacy Q, Suzi Carr (Will 2 Power), & Timmy T have all lost their gel & hair dryers! The sound was a little tinny but at least all the tracks played in the correct order. The MC, Feather somebody or somebody Feather gets props for ad libbing for longer than he should have been required to between acts. But points taken off for some questionable topics at a concert with quite a few young kids. Someone should have reminded him that this was an ’80′s big hair nostalgia night, not tryouts for DEF Comedy Jam.

ed says:

if you’ve got a little time, you can listen to episode 11 of our podcast, featuring malcom sosa and greer from rademacher and vince from the sleepover disaster talking about the local music scene and more.

dave says:

I love the fresno promoters at the bottom, they just look so, well…coollllllllll