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I wish politics would keep their opinions out of celebrities.


The good folks at the Opinion Talk blog pointed out a new John McCain commercial that’s bashing Barack Obama for being famous and equating his jet-setting celebrity to Britney Spears and Paris Hilton, who I’m pretty sure don’t know the difference between McCain and CoCain, except that they’re both white.

The ad’s argument seems to go like this: Barack Obama is famous. Britney Spears and Paris Hilton are also famous. You wouldn’t want Britney Spears and Paris Hilton to be president. So you don’t want Barack Obama to be president.

Dunno about you, but that’s the kind of logic I want from a president. I was ready to sign up for my McCain/Dole ’08 combination bumper sticker and Perko’s early-bird discount card, when I remembered something I read recently that was troubling about the McCains.

Molly McCain, John’s granddaughter, is helping organize a trip to Iraq for MTV’s despicable duo of Heidi Montag and Spencer Pratt, aka the wicked witch of The Hills and her scarecrow-without-a-brain boyfriend, to “support the troops.” Ick. Support? Sounds like torture to me.

So what’s a guy to do? I can’t vote for Obama, because that’s like voting for bad parenting. And I can’t vote for McCain, because that’s like voting for bad humaning. Is Nader running? Or can I not vote for him because big bad gangsta rapper Snoop Dogg might be a supporter of the Green Party?

Responses to "I wish politics would keep their opinions out of celebrities."

MsJoey says:

This has nothing to do with anything important but is Spencer rockin some hot bangs or what?!

Alana says:

I read this article and turned around and heard my supervisor talking about the same exact thing… so I passed along your McCain/CoCain joke and we had a good laugh.

I think Obama needs to start putting out commercials comparing McCain to geriatrics patients. No one wants a president that can’t address the nation for two hours without the assistance of adult diapers.

Jeffresno says:

It seems to me like Obama needs to pull a George McGovern and come out with a bold and honest plant to withdraw the troops from Iraq. (You know, without a scandal involving a running mate or anything.) To me, this is the thing that would truly show him as a candidate of “change.”

McCain/CoCain: Classic.

Cristobal says:

Obama’s a bad parent?

Alana says:

Reference… Obama + Famous = Britney Spears and Britney Spears = Bad Parent

Cristobal says:

I think I need to lie down.

brittney says:

McCain 08!!!! :)

laura says:

What’s scary is that there are people out there who are going to watch this commercial and say: “Yeah he has a point Obama is kinda like a Hilton”

Bobby says:

Ok the commercial is lame, but so is not voting for someone because of it. McCain will never match Obama on coolness. Obama can make the best commercials ever, sink 3 pointers on camera (his smug face after he makes it pretty much says it all), but still has no substance.
“Mr. Obama, why would you want to increase the capital gains tax, if its a proven fact that after dropping it to 15%, revenue to the government actually increased.”
“um… I just want things to be fair” just another liberal with backwards thinking. But it doesn’t matter, it will all come down to image and who has the better commercials.

obama is the college hoop star, america is his white girl standing in line to buy him his jordans every month. in a few years when she gains some self respect she will think back “what the f— was I thinking?” “oh well, at least I got a cute baby.”

Erin D. says:

Thanks for your racist and misogynistic metaphor, Bobby…it has inspired this liberal, backward-thinking white girl to go on line right now and donate some green to my hoop star baby daddy before the July reporting deadline.

We don’t need another Bush term with Grampy McSame, even if he does have Heidi and Spencer on his side.

adam says:

Wow Bobby, joking? If not, you should work on not making racist analogies.

Mr. Incognito says:

So… ahhh…. yeah… About those TPS reports!

Obama needs to drop a video of McLame and have “By the time I get to Arizona” playing in the background.

Who cares who’s cool and who isn’t, I mean this isn’t a high school homecoming event! These are two men running for a shot at history and change. I was a young kid when Senior Bush (that just came off my fingers so funny) asked us to read his lips, “No new taxes”, Clinton did his thing, and Little Bush has definitely screwed more people than Clinton was ever able to during his stay.

Oh, I get it, the black basketball players get nice things from white women “America”; I wonder what the white basketball players get. You’ve raised a very interesting debate. Maybe Imus should be a debate host or something…

It warms my innards to see that people are still ignorant! Hey,I was thinking, if you happen to have a dollar or two just hangin’ around, maybe we can….I don’t know go shopping or catch a movie; I hear Do The Right Thing is playing in Clovis?

Oz, get at me…

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