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The Day in Leaked Music: Kanye & Britney

Call it the good, the bad and the ugly. Kanye West’s new album “Graduation” and two new Britney Spears tracks hit the Internet today. Kanye being the good in the earlier statement, with Brit being both the bad and the ugly.

Kanye West – “Graduation”
Just a quick review, since I’m only on my second listen, but Kanye trimmed the fat and cut the skits from his previous albums, making “Graduation” a lean 12 songs.

On the whole, the album is very, very good, with “Champion,” “Big Brother” and “Everything I Am” being immediate stand-out tracks. Even the song with T-Pain (“Good Life”) is nice — any time T-Pain is listenable, well, that’s quite the achievement.

“Drunk and Hot Girls” (featuring Mos Def) is a bit of misstep, but even it is not horrible. In the showdown between ‘Ye and 50, “Curtis” is going to have to be really good to top this.

Since we at The Beehive are not in the practice of helping you pirate music, I won’t give you a link, but it shouldn’t be that hard to find if you’re familiar with a wonderful thing called Google.

Britney Spears – “Gimme More” and “Cold as Fire”
Despite a horrible reception to the crap she put out last week, Britney returns with what is supposed to her comeback single, “Gimme More.” She’s helped by pop-producer-on-the-rise Danja and it really is what the title suggests — more. It’s typical Britney, nothing new, just slick production masking the fact that she can’t really sing. If I were a teenage girl, I might like this. But I’m not, so I don’t.

“Cold as Fire” plain doesn’t make sense on a few levels:
1. The title alone must be some backward Southern speak, ‘cuz I don’t know what in the name of Sean Preston she’s talking about.
2. She sounds, actually, like Britney from “Alvin and the Chipmunks.” Some people might say this is an interesting thing. I think those people are stupid.

Feel free to listen to both songs at and tell me what you think, though.

Responses to "The Day in Leaked Music: Kanye & Britney"

Heather says:

Sweet mother of mercy.

I tried – I TRIED – to listen to both of Britney’s songs. As soon as that horrible, little girl voice appeared, I had to shut that nonsense down.

Stick what you’re good at Brit – rat hair, cigarettes and neglecting your kids.

Stephen says:

A: I know nothing about music.


C: My favorite band is still Styx, circa 1972.

Having said that, Britney’s first song isn’t all that terrible. I could listen to it a coupla times, no big deal. Nothing memorable, but whatever…

But that second song?!??

Oh. My.

Worst song I might ever have heard….and I’ve listened to KFed.

T-Pain helped with this????????? Danja produced this???????

I hope Amy Winehouse shares with Britney soon, cuz one is dying literally and one’s music is dying quickly.


Mike Oz says:

Yeah, apparently, T-Pain wrote this.

Fitting that it’s painful, I suppose.

mdub420 says:

Having an album leak early is never good news, especially since rap sales are dismal. Talib Kweli sold 60,000 this week. Good for second place, not bad, but 60,000, that’s bad. Seeing Talib on the charts made my day though.

Wish Pharoah would have released his album this week, he would have made the top 20 probably.

If 50 beats Kanye, it’s because he has more kiddies on his side.