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Ummm, Brit, where the heck are the kids?

britneydrops.jpgThe walking carnage that is Britney Spears keeps showing us her girls, but I keep wondering where her boys are.

We’ve seen all these late nights of partying with Auntie Paris and Auntie Lindz, yet we’ve only seen Sean Preston during one weekend shopping excursion.

I can’t imagine that K-Fed is watching Sean Preston and Sutton Jayden Popozao or whatever they named the other one.

So, umm, Brit-Mom, where the heck are your seedlings?

Some guesses on my part:

A. Kevin gave them out as door prizes to both people who came to his Hollywood concert last week.

B. They’re with the baby sitter — Auntie Paris’ dog (Is it Tinkerbell still? I sure as heck ain’t wasting my time looking that up).

C. Brit lost them playing blackjack, then she and Paris bought matching “I lost my boys at the blackjack table and all I got was this stupid T-shirt” T-shirts.

D. Kev traded SP for a pack of smokes and the other one for a 40 of Miller High Life.

E. Paris recommended them for jobs as Nicole Ritchie’s new stylists.

F. Like everyone else on the Interweb, Sean and Jayden saw where they came from (trust me, you don’t want a link). Sean was so mortified he grabbed his little bro and hopped on a train for Canada.

Feel free to add your own theories.

Responses to "Ummm, Brit, where the heck are the kids?"

SWalker says:

Absolutely unbelievable. These people obviously have too much money, and if we didn’t elevate them to the level of gods maybe this wouldn’t happen quite so often. God have mercy on the poor kids.